Thurgadin: May She Stand vol. 2

Thurgadin: May She Stand vol. 2
The Tale of Glight Snowchipper
By: Historian Belpik

Glight Snowchipper and the dwarves that escaped from Froststone went deeper into what became known as the Great Divide. The giants, although initially stopped in their pursuit, were not too far behind, and the dwarves knew they would be overrun if they did not seek shelter. The dwarves managed to find caverns within the Great Divide, which were obscured from the vision of the pursuing giants. Here, the dwarves could plan their next move.The dwarves made a pact in this cavern, in which they honored the sacrifice made by Colin and his group of Frostreavers which allowed them to survive. They took to calling themselves the coldain, in memory of Colin. They were to make Glight the new leader of the coldain, an honor which he refused – he did not feel that he could live up to Colin and his memory, and instead suggested that Colin’s son, Relin, become the new leader. Relin accepted, feeling that it was his responsibility to continue the legacy began by his father. They chose the title of Dain for their leader, and he adopted the last name of Frostreaver to honor those that stood with his father. Thus, Dain Frostreaver the First took leadership of the coldain.

Now, with their new leadership in place, the coldain looked to establish a home someplace here in the frigid tundra. Many ideas were proposed, but the coldain were still being pursued by the Kromrif hunting parties. Many of the coldain were tired of hiding out, and were resolved to simply meet the giants head on. This might have been the fate of the coldain, had it not been for the intervention of Brell Serilis himself, and once again, Glight Snowchipper.Glight received a vision from Brell to build within the very caverns in which they were presently in. Glight saw a massive labyrinthian network of caverns carved out by the coldain themselves, made to confuse any enemies who might attempt to enter the maze. He revealed the details of his vision to the Dain, who then ordered the coldain to begin construction of the new series of caverns. The coldain, now given a purpose and direction, took eagerly to the project, and began working immediately. Within mere months, they had carved out numerous caverns, bridges, and dwellings. Named the Crystal Caverns, after the vast quantities of crystal shards found though the construction, it quickly became a haven for the coldain.

For some time, the coldain were able to live peacefully within the Crystal Caverns, away from the Kromrif and the dangers of the surface. For a while, they remained under the surface, able to find all they needed within their new home. After a time, though, they began to make forays up to the surface to collect materials such as wood and furs. This was safe for a while, as the coldain were careful to avoid Kromrif patrols. However, eventually their luck ran out, and they were spotted by Slagd Frozentoe, and a group of his scouts. Slagd followed the coldain back to their hidden home, then went to retrieve reinforcements.Slagd Frozentoe returned to the Crystal Caverns with a force of two hundred and fifty Kromrif warriors. Although the labyrinth of the Crystal Caverns slowed them down, the Kromrif were steadily making progress through them. Although the Caverns were built just for this possibility, the sheer number of the Kromrif in their army proved to be too much for the defense of the Caverns. Even though the giants suffered staggering losses, the coldain would be overrun.

This is when Glight Snowchipper showed what both Colin Dain and Brell Serilis saw within him. Glight himself downed several giants, not only with his pick, which he called Snowchipper, but also with elaborate trips which he himself devised. The traps were small, able to take out one or two giants at a time, but Glight had a different plan. He knew that there was a place where the dwarves stored tons of ice and stone they had dug out from the caverns. His plan was to lead the remainder of the giants to the stored rubble, and collapse it upon them.The giants took the bait. They chased Glight and a few volunteers through the Cavems, crushing any that fell behind or stood to fight. The Kromrif, and Slagd himself, cornered the coldain, looking to crush the final resistance, and finally wipe out the coldain once and for all. Knowing that there was no way out, Glight waited for the Kromrif to draw in close, and then, sprung his final trap. To their surprise and horror, the massive rubble fell upon what remained of the Kromrif invasion, burying them where they stood. However, as Colin Dain before him, Glight Snowchipper stayed to ensure the demise of the giant army, and also perished when the trap was sprung.

The coldain were victorious and were able to remain within the Crystal Caverns safely for years following Glight’s sacrifice. The Kromrif made no more assaults against the coldain in Crystal Cavems. It would be some time before the coldain would face another enemy which would ultimately force them to search for a new home.


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