Thurgadin: May She Stand vol. 1

Thurgadin: May She Stand
Colin Dain and the founding of Froststone
By: Historian Belpik

Thurgadin. The coldain dwarves have called this fair city their home for generations. We built it with our own hands, crafted from the rock around us, molded from the very velium that makes up so much of our homeland of Velious. We have defended it over and over again, and no enemy has managed to break this city or those of us that call it home. The strength of the city is reflected in the strength of the coldain, and we are forever tied to one another.
But how did we come to this city, How did it get to be here? The story of the founding of Thurgadin is no less incredible than the city itself.In ages past, when the dwarves of old were expanding their kingdoms, the king sent out many expeditionary parties to seek out and gather riches from others corners of Norrath. The brave dwarves that returned brought back fantastic riches, items of precious value that were unknown within their mountainous home. Thus, the expeditionary groups went farther and father in their attempt to find more exquisite gems and crystals.

One of these expeditions was lead by Colin Dain, a dwarf noted for his exceptional mining capabilities. His sense for mining was legendary even at that time, matched only by his nearly reckless bravery. Nothing could shake Colin, and he was a logical choice to make a long distance journey to find crystals in a place no dwarf had ever been. Unfortunately, the ships were blown off course and scattered by a terrible storm, and when it was over, the expedition was lost.However, this is what Colin was brought on for. Undaunted, Colin directed the dwarves to sail in one direction until they found land. Within weeks, the dwarves came upon land, although it was far different from the more temperate climates they were used to. This was a snow tundra, covered with strange ice, and crawling with creatures they had never seen before. Still, it was dry land, and Colin had his orders. They disembarked, set up camp, and set to planning out their mining operations.

They searched the land, following Colin’s lead, until he stopped them at an unassuming set of rocks. He declared that the spot they were at would be the spot of their operation, and drove his pick into the ground. Although many of his followers were likely dubious, he was not challenged in his decision, and the dwarves went about their digging. Within days, the expedition discovered that Colin’s senses were accurate – the dwarves came upon a massive mine of gleaming crystals. It was here that they built their first settlement, named Froststone.Unknown to the dwarves of Froststone, there were other inhabitants of the land in which they settled, and those inhabitants did not care for outsiders. The Kromrif clan of frost giants also called this area home, and they were not welcoming to the dwarves when Froststone was discovered. The dwarves were surprised when a band of giants showed up outside their walls, and immediately began assaulting the city and the dwarves within it. Colin was not intimidated – he grabbed his pick and charged into battle, with many other dwarves joining him in the counterattack. Even though they were caught off-guard, the dwarves turned back the Kromrif attack.

They knew, however, that this battle was not over. Colin ordered scouts to be on the lookout for more giant parties, and the dwarves fortified their defenses for another fight. Within days, the scouts returned, and their news was not good – the giants were returning, and their numbers were far greater. Froststone was doomed. Colin made a decision at that point. He knew this area better than the giants did, and he could use that knowledge to give himself an advantage. However, there would be no victory – the best he could hope for would be to slow down the giants long enough for others to escape.He asked for volunteers to remain behind with him. Not a single dwarf wanted to flee – all volunteered to remain and make a final stand. Colin refused to allow them all to fall to the giant attacks, so he chose a few brave dwarves to remain with him, and ordered the others to leave immediately. They reluctantly agreed, and he chose a dwarf of Glight Snowchipper to lead them to safety. Thus, the survivors fled, and left Colin and his group, called the Frostreavers, to their final fate. No one knows exactly how the battle .folded, but what is known is that the Frostreavers sacrifice was not in vain. The group was able to completely stop the giant war band, even though it cost them all their very lives. But without that sacrifice, Thurgadin and the coldain would never have existed.


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