Thrael’Gorr Creature Catalog

Rise of Thrael’Gorr
by Clan Ry’Gorr Joiner
While many areas experienced changes during the Age of Cataclysm, the changes brought to the Eastern Wastes are devastating. The area’s once plentiful wildlife has dwindled. The Kromzek ravage the land and the magic of Wakening Lands is no more. The area is littered with creatures struggling for survival. The latest being the escaped ores known as Clan Thrael’Gorr.

High in the mountains and west of Howling Pass, Clan Thrael’Gorr leaders now seek to establish a camp. The Sleeper’s Abandoned Tomb sits in the south and the Ry’Gorr Keep to the east. Very far south, what was once a stretch of frozen land is now a war tom landscape.

The mountains that wall their camp are a reminder of the changes and dangers still unknown.The great chasm to the north does provide much in the way of a windbreak, therefore even a gentle breeze can turn into a snowstorm. Due to the cold, only the strongest trees line the mountains.

There is very little change to the constant cold that permeates everything.

Pockets of trees remain, majestic evergreen behemoths that survived the punishing cold. There are very few flowering plants in the mountains. Grass is only visible in the southern regions near Ry’Gorr Keep.The land is a cornucopia of creatures big and small. The little land that remains unscathed by the Kromzek is home to both hunter and prey. This list of creatures will help the Thrael’Gorr secure the area:

a sinister sentinel
a drakonine guardian
a lingering rogue
a lingering knight
a lingering priest
a lingering mage
a lingering detriment
a snowmane sabertooth
a ravaging snowmane
a woolly mammoth bull
a woolly mammoth
a sootpaw direbear
a frostpaw direbear
a fanged crawler
a cinder walker
a molten sphere


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