The Valorous Tragedy of the Frogloks of Guk

The Valorous Tragedy of the Frogloks of Guk
The Abridged Recordings Of Hopton Braveheart City Guard to Upper Guk

And they march us to our fates,
Though their iron shod gates.

Mithaniel be praised! Though I am tired my spirit is cheered by the benevolence of Marr, he who gave us the strength to defeat the Rallosian assault on Guk. Their army was broken by the Greenmist thus we slew them with little difficulty. The High Constable now directs our full army’s attention to the reclamation of all of Guk. With the Rallosians defeated we should make quick work of it, Mithaniel willing.

The Curse of Ykesha is truly an aberration. I stay hopeful that we can cull the numbers of the cursed – though they are fierce fighters – and lay them to rest. We have lost barely a few froglok and have learnt to quickly burn the bodies of the fallen lest their bodies resurrect. While we mourn our deceased brethren I remain optimistic that Lower Guk can be reclaimed once we bolster our army now that the Rallosian threat is no more.

Mithaniel steels us with his light,
In the guidance of the right.

Forgive your captor, brother Froglok,
Though he may beat you til you bleed,
For he knows not the comforts of Mithaniel,
And will face great punishment for his deeds.

More of our ranks have fallen in battle. We fight for what little remains of Upper Guk. The undead and cursed pour out of Lower Guk and it is all we can do to keep them stemmed at the choke point. The sky is a constant black smudge from all of the soot and debris from the burning bodies.

We realize we can no longer contain the curse. Our ranks have lost many a good soldier and there can be no replacements. The horror of watching the fallen reanimate is enough to turn the stomach. To know that we share the same fate shakes me to the core.

And let our people’s suffering,
Drive our spirits to rise again

This is the right of the Froglok
This is the due of the brave
Though this day may end in misery
We will be free again!

We are overrun. This is the last battle for we have sealed off Guk from the rest of the Norrath. Our meager food supply is depleted and while our bodies are weak our souls are strong. My faith in Mithaniel Marr is unwavering for when I die this body may be reanimated as a vessel fo evil by my soul will never be ruled by Ykesha’s foul curse. If I am found in the future to be reanimated please dispose of my body using any means necessary. Tell our loved ones we did our best. May Mithaniel protect them from this horror.


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