The Undead of Ro – Catalog

By Sir Drae Stoutmantle
Perhaps I had found it, the fabled Silent City.

Perhaps in seeking the taint of undeath my journey paralleled the journey of those legendary pilgrims of the past who sought the City of Life.

Perhaps I had stumbled into a secret, lost city that existed only in myths.

Or, perhaps, I had merely found another breeding ground for the undead, just like all the others.

Undead exist across all of Ro: living in caves, wandering the dunes, and in some cases inhabiting entire cities. The key is not in killing the undead, but knowing their habitats to ease the hunt.

The Sinking Sands hosts dozens of undead variations. I?ve studied these lands extensively and have compiled certain data within these pages.

Skeletons are common. The sun tends to bake things that die without proper burial. The gnolls and snakes of this area are also known to roam the lands again post-mortem as skeletons.

Thanks to the sun they are often brittle and easy to dispatch.

Zombies and mummies also walk the land, often battle-ready and looking for a fight.

The mummies tell of ancient civilizations, the zombies tell the fate of failed pirates, either makes for good practice.

Ghouls are wretched creatures of an origin unknown to me. They sear the flesh with the power of magic. They fight in a similar manner to other undead, but I believe they are more intelligent than they let on.

The specters of the Sinking Sands are quite mysterious.

They spend their time about a tower that they constantly guard from us, or, perhaps, they are guarding us from it.

Below the sands further threats of undead rest.

Temples, caves and cities are common resting grounds of the undead. They all have their own myths and stories tied to them.

These tales often mix truths and legends, but the past of these undead creatures matters not.

Sentinels, wardens, and enforces guard and patrol the alleys and streets of the Living Tombs. Undead citizens of all types dwell within.

The Anaz Mal also seem prevalent within this city; perhaps they lived side by side with the citizens at one time.

Serpents, too, dwell among the undead of this old city.

Quite similar to the Living Tombs, the Silent City is home to even more undead.

The undead citizens and warriors again patrol, but they are matched with the ghostly remnants of domesticated animals and once-sentient plants.

The gnoll presence remains in multiple forms.

Myths surround these lands. Threats of curse and death and disease are tossed about carelessly.

The truth of the matter, it seems to me, is that these undead are just like any other. They can be fought and beaten with the right set of tools and skills.

Once you know what you’re getting in to the idle threats will subside and the recognition will be worth it.


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