The Tenebrous Tangle Creature Catalog

These islands in the sky of the Overrealm will seem the most familiar to Narrathians. Lush vegetation, sparkling streams and waterfalls — one might almost consider this an idyllic retreat.
That is, except for the presence of some less-than-welcoming creatures.

The inhabitants of Tenebrous Tangle are generally neutral, but they are quick to judge when an outsider has a disagreement with one of their own.

For this reason, it is important that one study the area first before interacting with the locals. Know what dangers might arise if you happen to assist one group over another.

The thinner atmosphere of the Overrealm means that certain feats impossible on Norrath can be achieved.

For example, there are many steep hills on each of Tenebrous Tangle’s islands. It is a simple matter to run up and down, enjoying the view of the distant islands.

Watch your footing carefully, however, as there are locations where a slip would be deadly.

Large tracts of land are set aside as “breeding grounds” for various wyrms and drakes.

These grounds are carefully controlled by the Scaleborn, a militant group of droags.

Though the drakes do not seem to mind the presence of outsiders, the wyrms are quite territorial. It is best to keep one’s distance.

One popular local sport introduced by newcomers is called “cliff diving.”

Groups race from the highest points on a given island and dive along the waterfall to the next lower level. It is an exhilarating, if exhausting sport.

Just make sure there actually is a lower pond before you leap from the nearest ledge!


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