The Tales of the Burynai

“Tales of the Burynai”
Complied by Irowon.
Translated by Marcus Riverswell

Complier’s Note: I managed to trade some particularly shiny stones for these tales, one by one, from an unusually cooperative Burynai trader over some time. Bit by bit, he’d snort and reveal bits of his people’s lore to me. I have no way of knowing if any or all of it is completely fake, as the Burynai have lied before and will again, but the stories do, if nothing else, give us clues about how they want to believe the world to be.
-Marcus Riverswell

In the Beginning
* * *
In the beginning Brell made the furless Burynai and then made the furless Burynai different and different again, but Brell did not like what he had made. Then, finally, Brell made the Burynai, and he knew it was good.

Brell made the Burynai up from the earth and gave us a snout that smelled everything and eyes that saw everything and claws to dig at the earth. And he made us smart! The Burynai better than any of Brell’s other creatures could shape the ground in his image and claim it in his name! And Brell was happy because he had his true children.

Why We Dig
* * *
Burynai are Brell’s chosen. Brell has many gifts for us. Gifts in the earth. Burynai must find those gifts and when we do, Brell’s power will be ours! Brell never meant for Burynai to be slaves or less to anyone. Brell wants Burynai to rule everyone, but Burynai must earn it. Burynai must find what Brell left for us.

SO Burynai dig through the earth. Dig until we find that treasure he has left for us. All treasures are treasured. Everything shiny will one day be ours, and the furless races will have to ask us for the shinys. The furry races too! Every race but the Burynai will have to ask the Burynai to be generous to them, and the Burynai will refuse them all!

Stealing the Sun
* * *
There was one time when Burynai stole the sun. Burynai like things that are shiny. Shiny is good, shiny is Brell’s gift to us. And the sun is the shiniest thing Burynai have ever seen, and the furless Burynai all seem to worship it. So the Burynai stole it, because the Burynai take all that we want, thinking maybe it was the great power Brell promised us.

But Burynai should have known that Brell’s power is under the ground and that the sun is untrue. Burynai stole the sun, you see, but it gave us nothing. Burynai kept it in a bottle and all it did was burn us and cry to be let out. So the Burynai put the wicked sun back into the sky and kept looking. The Burynai kept part of the sun in the bottle, though – the best part, and have it still. Just so the sun remembers the Burynai were once its masters.

The Very Good Power
* * *
Burynai one day found a good power. Not the great power of Brell, but a good power. This power can be in each one of us, and we can use it to find the great power. This power brought dead Burynai back to help the living Burynai and delivered pain on our enemies. The first Burynai to find this power brought back his mother without knowing what he did, but he tried and tried again and finally brought back his father knowing exactly what he did.

And soon we all brought back our mothers and fathers and grandmothers and grandfathers, and it was good. Burynai wanted more of this power. We found the less races knew of this power too, and we plundered their oldest cities, finding more secrets of the power. This power had grown and grown in the Burynai. It has grown to something very good, though not great as Brell’s power. This very good power will bring us Brell’s great power. The Burynai have death in our hands, and soon we will have all of life there too.

Claiming the Tower
* * *
Burynai at one time had so many shinys that they had nowhere to put them, nowhere safe where burglars could not take them. So the Burynai looked for a home. Burynai took over many great trees and deep caverns, but the trees were too weak and the caverns had too many tunnels going in and out. The shinys were not safe there.

But then the world changed, and many of the weaker races were gone, or even weaker than they always had been. When that happened, we found our home – our tower. There were many undead there but Burynai made them dead again with our very good power. So we made the tower ours, and the weak furless will never have it back.

The Savior
* * *
The Burynai were almost dead, you know. All gone! But then Brell saved us. The nasty goblins meant to kill us, you see. They had a great and terrible shiny that was going to kill us all. But Brell sent a savior who showed us what the nasty goblins were going to do, because the Burynai are Brell’s chosen. The goblins much have known what power we have and meant to steal from it. Foul goblins! But they are not the chosen of Brell. We stole that great shiny – right from under their noses! The shiny is ours and the power will be ours…

Complier’s Afterword
* * *
At those final words, my contact grew quiet and more than just a little frightened looking. He was silent, and after that day, he never returned to Timorous Deep. He was replaced by another Burynai who, despite how many shinys I offered him, was as taciturn as every other member of their race that I have met. It was such a pity. I was just beginning to come to understand these odd little creatures.
– Irowen, scholar of Timorous Deep

Translator’s Appendix
* * *
I am certain this great and terrible shiny was something more than any simple Burynai can understand. What is its true nature? And what of this savior they believe to have been sent by Brell? Are the Burynai truly agents of some great change, or merely self obsessed subterranean diggers? Kurn’s cursed Tower, I am sure, holds the answers to these questions, and probably many more. Unfortunately, while the Burynai may be willing to engage in a limited amount of trading, they will allow no one to enter their home and react violently to any incursion. More subtle methods will need to be used to penetrate the tower and learn the secrets of the Burynai.
_Marcus Riverswell, scholar of Qeynos


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