The Sarnak Code of Honor

What is the Code?

It’s something that all sarnak are imprinted with. Living in Gorowyn, with the social structures and regimented schedules in place, we never need to think of it. Out here, away from the institutions that have shaped us, it is easy to forget what makes us strong

We are not like the other races that populate this world with their stories of divine creation. We have been engineered over centuries. Emperor Atrebe created the first sarnak by fusing the strength and cunning of dragon and iksar to be the shock troops of the Sebilisian Empire.These sarnak were not us, but eventually become the Di’Zok who lead a slave war against the iksar and carved out an empire of their own.

The Di’Zok Empire came under attack by the forces of their creator’s grandfather, the Lich, Venril Sathir. The Di’Zok Empire was hard pressed and growing desperate. They discovered the secrets of their own creation and began to experiment on themselves. Finally, they achieved the perfect combination of elements to create the most powerful race of warriors ever to stride the surface of Norrath. All their previous designs were destroyed and the perfected design was sent into full production.

But the Di’Zok underestimated their ability to control their creation. Their slaves rebelled, destroyed the facility that created them and this race of perfected sarnak were lost.

Lost, that is, until Spiroc scavengers, picking at the ruins of iksar and Di’Zok structures found the process that created the sarnak.
They also found the Di’Zok’s perfected template and used both of these to create slaves for their own labor.

The spiroc repeated the same mistakes as every other race that has made when dealing with the sarnak. They underestimated us and this time, when the evitable revolt occurred, we gained our freedom.We have been perfected over centures. Refined from the base elements of dragons and iksar into what we are now.


Soldiers without equal.

The Sarnak Code of Honor:

Survival must be earned.
A warrior that can not fight has no value.
A warrior does not refuse a challenge.
A warrior does not surrender.


Avenge the wronged.
A warrior does not postpone a matter of honor.
If a warrior ignores duty, ac. dishonorably, or is disloyal, he is nothing.
Lost honor can only be regained by death.Authority:

Show respect to authority. Loyalty to Gorowyn, honor, and the Code.
For one mission, there is one leader; the chain-of-command is paramount.
In battle, a leader’s orders may never be questioned.


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