The Missing Pages of the Sword Heist Journal – Rebound

The pages were ripped from a book. They were originally written in some weird code. One that was not a known language. But by using the Eye of Ree to peer at the missing pages you were able to read the passages.
…Our union is not an easy one. These dark elves are back stabbing creatures, but the promise of riches greater than all the plunder of the Far Seas is too much to ignore. This alliance is not good on so many levels. It is one thing to ally with the Ebon Mask, but to ally with the Foci is unwise…

…So it is the knowledge of an ancient professor that will show us the path. We have known of his eternal imprisonment in the valley for quite some time, but it always seemed worthless to us. Now this trapped spirit has knowledge greater than anyone knew. His involvement in the engineering of his former school shall allow entry to the great fortress above……The Foci’s plan seems foolproof, provided the Overlord does not find out. It is simple, the Mask enters through the forgotten portal. Soulfire is found and replaced with another. The Mask then uses our routes to get to the caves where we will aid in the journey to the elven lands. There we are to meet the ambassador king and exchange gifts…

…After our exchange we will return the scroll to the Foci and receive our part. Our raiders shall go unseen and many ships shall be plundered in the name of Lord Ree…

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