The Minions of the Mighty Creature Catalog

The Minions of the Mighty Creature Catalog
by Pearl Honeywine

Throughout Norrath there are regions which seem a wellspring of hidden power. Three such areas have been uncovered by travellers thus far: Permafrost, Cazic Thule and Solusek’s Eye. Fortunately for the living, they are scattered, which likely helps keep the sources of their strengths from joining together.

Of course, no one knows from what source each of these regions derives its energy. Permafrost is within Everfrost to the far north. Within the forbidding boundaries of Lavastorm, one can find Solusek’s Eye. Cazic Thule, named for the ancient god of Fear, is entered through his ancient Temple within the jungles of the Feerrott.

Take into account the weather for the region in which these focal points is located to know what to expect. Permafrost is aptly named, as no thaw reaches this icy realm. Solusek’s Eye takes the traveller into the fiery abyss of Mount Solusek. The Temple of Cazic Thule is well-known to trap the unwary and fill even the stout-hearted with dread. Walk carefully in these realms, should you decide to see them for yourself.

It is an unusual twist of the god’ humor that of old, there is but one plant in common to all three realms: the death’s head lichen. It endures heat, cold, damp, and desert conditions to thrive practically unseen on the bones of the fallen. The death’s head lichen can only be seen using a gnomish scope on harvested skulls or other large bone fragments.

Centers of concentrated energy are often filled with golems that feed on that power. In addition to these magical protectors, some living and some not, who see it as their purpose to protect that region from all who dare intrude.


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