The Loss in Western Wastes

“We had done all that we could in our attempts to prevent the events that have come to pass. I see it now, through my unwavering vision, for what it had always been – destined.

Eons ago, a prohibited union of elemental dragons hatched the first prismatic dragon. Kildrukaun, Arch Priest of Veeshan and member of the Council of Elders, condemned the mated pair to death and appointed himself custodian of their almighty son, Kerafyrm. Quickly, the fledgling dragon demonstrated his immense power and cunning, impressing just as many of his kin as were struck with fear.

During this time, our nation split in two. The Ring of Scale fled to Kunark, while the Claws of Veeshan, the original order and wurm council, remained on Veeshan’s blessed continent of Velious. Kildrukaun, furios over the division, insisted it was the Eternal Mother’s will for the dragon factions to reunite. He prophesied that Kerafyrm would lead The Claws of Veeshan in a great civil war against the Ring of Scale forcing the reunification, and thus fulfilling Veeshan’s will.

Some of The Claws of Veeshan questioned the authenticity of Kildrukaun’s visions, others merely his interpretations; after all, they were considerably self-serving. The council dismissed Kildrukaun’s prophecy, claiming that waging a war against The Ring of Scale would expose them to the growing threat of the giants of Kael Drakkel.

Thus Kerafyrm sharpened his teeth, along with his tactical mind, upon the frozen battlefields of Velious. He ascended quickly within the Claws of Veeshan, obtaining the rank of general, and proving he was as shrewd as he was merciless. But no battle satiated this monstrous creature’s unrivaled lust for destruction and chaos. Eventually, the Council of Elders was forced to order Kerafyrm’s imprisonment.

Kerafyrm’s legions of supporters, including Kildrukaun, were severely outnumbered by those of the elder council, and eventually Kerafyrm was restrained and secured within a prison of indefinite slumber. The council appointed four immensely powerful dragons (Tukaark, Nazata, Ventani and Hraashna) to serve as his guards and ensure his eternal slumber. Meanwhile, Kildrukaun and the other surviving traitors who had aided Kerafyrm fled Velious to unknown locations, awaiting the return of their prophetic saviour.

While Kerafyrm slept, Norrath’s children, in an attempt to satiate their incessant desires for adventure, knowledge and riches, pushed out across this world. It was only a matter of time until they stumbled upon Kerafyrm, who had come to be known as “”The Sleeper.”” Inspired by green and ignorance they slew the four elemental warders and awakened Kerafyrm from his slumber. Kerafyrm showed his gratitude by devouring them, prior to bursting explosively from his prison into the frozen wastes.

The Claws of Veeshan felt Kerafyrm’s wrath immediately. Confronting those members of the council who he could find, Kerafyrm ripped their flesh into shreds, once more demonstrating his unchecked lust for destruction. He was intent on annihilating every vestige of their existence. The ages of sleep had only made him more deadly and vengeful. The wise and ancient dragons of Velious knew they were hardly a challenge for the Awakened, caught unawares as they had been. A desperate plan was hastily hatched.

Lord Yelinak bravely faced Kerafyrm in a furious battle in the skies above Velious, as others made their escape, and four chosen dragons of immense power (Charayan, Grendish, Jortreva and Susarrak) were called upon. However, Yelinak proved to be no match for Kerafyrm. Kerafyrm inflicted grievous wounds upon him, and all of Skyshrine witnessed the lord’s broken body fall to the frozen land beneath as the four Crusaders approached. Savoring his victory over Lord Yelinak, and fearful of the overwhelming power of the Crusaders, Kerafyrm flew off to places unknown.

The Council of Elders held no doubt that this was but Kerafyrm’s first act of vengeance. It was an attack of pure wrath. His next attack would be far more deadly, utilizing clever tactics and his legion of followers. First, they held a service to honor Lord Yelinak’s sacrifice. It was a lavish affair, lasting for days within Skyshrine, calling wurms from across Norrath to pay their respects.

Afterwards, the council sent out their agents and infiltrators on a search for information pertaining to Kerafyrm and his followers, including Kildrukaun. They were certain that word of Lord Yelinak’s demise would quickly spread across the world, reaching the Awakened.

They then initiated an unprecedented act of defence – The Upheavel, successfully cutting off Eastern Wastes and Great Divide from Western Wastes and Cobalt Scar. Intended to make the dragon lands within Velious less susceptible to attack, it also served to isolate the land in case the battle were to escalate.

It was at this time that Lord Yelinak revealed the ruse surrounding his death to all of Skyshrine. It had served it’s purpose, which was to provide the Awakened with false information while having brought the council enough time to explore all attack and defense options against the inevitable onslaught. He had risked much in battle, and although he had not been slain, he had been prepared for such a sacrifice.

Lord Yelinak amde a plea on behalf of the Children of Norrath to Skyshrine. He was going to seek aid from the heroes amongst them. He felt strongly that they were the key to defeating Kerafyrm. Some wurms scoffed, dismissing his opinion, while others saw its wisdom. He left them to debate as he made all haste, to the Norrathian city of Thurgadin.

But Kerafyrm, anticipating Skyshrine’s increased defenses, led his Awakened Legion to the opulent Temple of Veeshan within Western Wastes. The attack was brutal and swiftly executed. The dragons and dragonkin who refused to join against The Claws of Veeshan fled, and sought refuge in Skyshrine. As they took flight, some managed to save eggs and young from the Western Wastes. In Skyshrine the wurms regrouped and prepared for battle.

Upon realizing that some of the nests of Western Wastes were empty, the Awakened began to claim the remaining eggs for themselves, taking them into Temple of Veeshan. Driven by parental instincts, the Claws of Veeshan quickly rallied to fight for their unhatched young, and took to the Western Wastes in overwhelming droves. As it became clear to Kerafyrm that they might succeed in their efforts, and could continue with their march right on to Temple of Veeshan, he ordered his most impressive elemental wurmkin to do the unthinkable – destroy Western Wastes!

Willing to sacrifice any of his own legion battling upon the frozen landscape, the elemental mages began their ruination. The previously raised land shook from glacier top to wyvern cave, and began to crumble. All but Temple of Veeshan itself was swiftly annihilated. Too many dragon, dragonkin and egg met their brutal end, crushed between rock and velium as the land crumbled and fell into frigid waters below.

The Claws of Veeshan watched as great achievement was ripped out from beneath their wings by Kerafyrm. Once more, they were forced to seek shelter and regroup within Skyshrine, taking with them the eggs and young that they were able to save from the hatching lands.

As I look back upon these events, and recount them for myself, I can see that it was destined to come to this point, but I find myself wondering if Kerafyrm still believes himself the prophesied unifier, or for that matter, if Kildrukaun and other others still believe he is. Is that even his intent any longer? Not even my holy gift of vision beyond sight has granted me power to pierce that veil.

Glory to the Eternal Mother!

Lendiniara, The Keeper”


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