The Loresinger’s Limericks

The Loresinger’s Limericks
notes by Oyni Loresinger
Songs of Norrath and Norrathians

Erudites are a most varied race,
Yet can always be told by their face.
Their wide, lofty domes
Are said to be homes
To thoughts lesser minds can not trace.
Are Gnomes naught but distracted tinkers?
Or could they also be strong thinkers?
Bright gadgets galore
From their workshops do pour…
A pity, but some are such stinkers!

Kerra are the surviving heirs
To both Kejekans and the Vah Shirs
With stealth and raw nerve,
Their historians preserve,
Yet at times they still mourn their forebears.
The High Elves are noble and wise.
All dark arts they deeply despise.
They battle for glory;
Again, tell their story…
And watch each day’s new sun arise.

The ways of dark elves are mysterious
And often of evil quite serious.
Some few turn away,
Though most surely stay.
Beware, lest you make them too curious!
A mystery are the Sarnak,
Their history lost in the black.
Their past they’ll reclaim,
Along with their name.
‘Ware those who would hold them back!


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