The Journal of Ubdub of the Reet

Our scouts observed a strange humanoid camped near us today. Recently, it has not become uncommon to see the Lost Races, but I still marvel at the sight of what I believe to be a dark elf. It seems the rest of Norrath has been preserved, and I must say they have not found us a moment too soon! Hopefully among these individuals will come heroes capable of ending the oppression of the Sathirians.

We thought it prudent to continue observing the dark elf, and we were correct. Some of our scouts watched him savage a burynai. Another set watched him tear apart a sokokar, making fine threads of its wings, skin, and organs. It is terrifying! At least the Sathirians kill cleanly. We can hope that he might be made to reason with, but I doubt it is so… We must consider him a threat.

Thought it has been decided the dark elf is certainly a threat… we are not certain what to do about it. He is incredibly powerful, and the root of his power seems to be the sword that he wields. It is a scimitar of unequaled quality. Such a powerful sword should not be in the hands of a madman such as he; such a sword could be used to accomplish great, heroic deeds!

We have decided the best course of action is to wrest the scimitar from him. Such a sword should be used to overcome evil empires, like that of the Sathirians — not ravaging mere animals. It would be in much better hands if we were to take control of it. We are sending our best sneaks to take it from him as he sleeps… Not, perhaps, the most honorable course of action, but we could not think to confront him.

It’s done! We have the scimitar! Once it was in our possession, we set upon the dark elf. We didn’t want to kill him, only to scare him away, and it worked. After we overwhelmed him in his camp, he set off for only the gods know where. He did kill two of ours in the process. Even without the scimitar, he is an incredibly powerful individual. I think we might have all been killed if we hadn’t caught him unprepared.

We have decided what must be done with this scimitar. We have given it to our greatest fighter and are sending a full squad of our bravest to attack Rillis directly. Brave, foolish perhaps, but with the scimitar in our hands, we know what we need: blood! They have wronged us too long! We will spill their blood, and in doing so, take some measure back of what they have taken for us for so long!

I write in a pen with a piece of charcoal that an iksar kicked at me. The attack failed. Even with the scimitar, we were overwhelmed. Our champion slew dozens of them, but in the end, he was slaughtered, along with almost everyone else. I had accompanied the squad from a distance, intending to record their heroic deeds, but I was picked up in a sweep of the area.

I was unarmed, so I wasn’t killed, but now I am captive. And the scimitar is gone. We have lost it. All our hopes dashed away so quickly and easily with a most devastating defeat. I only hope that my brothers and sisters who are still free out there do not see this as a sign to surrender. We must never surrender! We may not have the scimitar, but we still have our dignity.


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