The History of the Hua Mein: Part 1

The History of the Hua Mein Part One
By: Cuan Dao

For hundreds of years we lived a simple existence in the Stoneburnt Mountains. Peacefully coexisting alongside beast, kejek, and man, we were content to spend our lives roaming and feeding in the bamboo forests of Odus. Unfortunately, that peace was shattered over two hundred years ago when the men who live in the stone villages changed our homelands forever. It began with the creation of a new village, built squarely in the middle of where we roamed. There they meddled in magic an d burrowed deep into the earth. We observed from afar, daring not to venture closer while the men toiled away at their new establishment. The kejek, however, were not as passive as us. They warred with the men and tried to burn down the new village. The men fought back with lighting, fire, and blade.

Nothing would deter them from whatever they were working on in their village. The fighting between the two sides continued for many months until one day the kejek disappeared and were seen no more. Soon after, the men seemed to have completed their project. A great celebration was held and the men laughed and looked joyous. The very next day, however a great explosion erupted from the village. The sky had changed and the sun disappeared. A great storm of lightning swept across the forests and mountains covering everything in an impossibly bright light. Some time later, we awoke, confused, scared and changed. The great storm had changed our minds, though at the time this change was beyond our comprehension.

It has been said that our kind would have gone mad were it not for the vailiant efforts of our savior, Hua Mei. Like the rest of our kind, Hua Mei’s mind had been awoken by the great storm. Upon finding her mind a flurry of new thoughts and emotions, sh great fearful and retreated to a cliff face in the crags above where the kejek called home. Bewildered, she had gone there following a voice she heard on the wind. As she approached, the voice became louder, soothing her raging thoughts and filling her with a sense of peace. She sat back and allowed the voice to calm her, listening to the words of peace and enlightenment. After three days, the spirit of a great tiger appeared to her in the moonlight, granting her the First Teachings. The tiger spirit also told her to gather the others of her kind and share with them the teaching Hua Mei had learned.

First she learned that nothing in the world is lost. All things return. She observed how a fruit drops to the ground and rots, only to rise again in the form of a new plant. She understood that she was born of her parents and her children would be born of her. Next she observed the everything changes and nothing shall remain constant. Just as she and her kin had once been beast, now they had become awakened. This truth was further strengthened by her observance of the rending forces which stretched her homeland toward the darkening swirl of the void. Finally, Hua Mei learned the truth of the cause and effect. In the north, she observed the forces of the void, dark and assimilating her once serene homeland. Where ever their once presence was found, the skies seemed darker, the flora became twisted and creatures fell to insanity.

In the south however, she came to the cliff face alongside the kerran island. There she saw a society of beings who did not corrupt their land, but instead learned to coexist with it. She learned that our thoughts and actions determined the kind of life we can have. If we do good things, in the future good things will happen to us. If we do bad things, in the future bad things will happen to us.


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