The Goblish Stones – A Translation

Stone 1

“…our made men would know no peace with wyrm kind on rock, in water, and in air.” Brother god agrees, “How to end them and make the world safe for our made men?”
“Wyrms is big, and mean hitters and biters. It took other big hitters and biters to kill many, many wyrms before.”
“Brell smart!” Brother say, -With mud we shape big, mean, hitters and biters, too!”Stone 2

The big ones did as they were shaped. Wyrms were broken, and nests unmade across all of world.
Bolgin Serilis smiled! Now their made men would not be eaten, and smashed by wyrms. But his brother-god did not smile. Brell attacked the big ones!
Bolgin Serilis had angry tongue, and yelled at his brother, “Why do you attack?”
“They are to be broken!” Brell spitted back…

Stone 3

The brother gods of the under-rock fought each other. Not a wrestle fight as kin do for laugh.
Their battle lasted many suns. Hit against hit, kick against kick, bite against bite!
They were same, too much, in blood and magics. No stronger was one Serilis over other, only different.
The battle ended. Both needed sleep and heals.Stone 4

… how long he slept. He searched the land, and air, and water for the big ones. He did not find them.
Bolgin Serilis went back to his under-rock home. He wanted his own made men! If he shape men small and quick, and give them ables to make more mens, Brell not be able to kill them all!


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