The Founding of Alivan

The notes of Samiir Velcana
Erudite paladin
I have given up adventuring, and have renounced my loyalty to the gods. The time I spent working for the Claws of Veeshan here in Skyshrine has shown me that there is something more important for me to focus my energy on, aside from my own power and gain. The dragons here are working toward confronting the greatest threat Norrath has ever known, and I wish to help them in their struggle. I have given over my armor in exchange for robes, and have given over my sword in exchange for books. Perhaps through study I can find a way to help the Claws of Veeshan reach victory.

The notes of Helria Melvencent
Human rogue
At first, I came here for the treasure. A dragon city? You’ve got to be kidding me – a place like that had to have halls filled with shimmering gold and jewels, and I wanted it. I snuck around the city for days before I came across a couple of the dragons engaged in conversation. They were talking about that other dragon… I dunno, the rainbow or prismatic dragon or whatever… and how he had escaped. I’ve never seen a dragon show fear, but I saw it that day. I met other people, adventurers like myself, who had spoken with the dragons, and felt compelled to follow them. I decided to lend myself to the cause. Who knows? Once this Kerawhatzit is gone, he’ll have the treasure I’m looking for!

Alivan Blackraven
Human warrior
I’ll never be able to explain to them… never be able to tell my family why I did this. Why I chose to stay here, and leave them to tend the fields back home. I hope that the gold I sent will sustain them and keep them safe. But I have to stay here. I have to lend my knowledge to the gathering group of mortals who have chosen to remain here with the Claws of Veeshan. I learned much about farming growing up, and if we are going to sustain mortals here, that knowledge will become necessary to keep them healthy and fed. I believe the Wakening Lands will provide us with ample fertile soil for what we need. Perhaps the dragons will let us settle there and set up a community.

Serrid Ralsent
Human warrior
Fighting… that’s all I’m here to do. If the dragons want me, they’re going to need to put my sword to use. Sure, I can train the other mortal followers, and help them put together some kind of standing army, but fin not going to be a farmer here. I’m not digging holes when I could be chopping giants down to size. I’ll stay for now… at least until this gets boring, I guess. The rest of these people can start their farming community. I’ll watch their back for now.

R’avec Altimir
Erudite wizard
There is incredible knowledge here. I am learning things at an exponential rate, even more than when I studied in the halls of Erudin. The dragons have ancient, unthinkable knowledge, which I could use to further my own magical prowess. I need to speak with them, and gain access to their great libraries. They have refused it thus far, but I’m sure they will listen to reason. I am here to help them, and in order to do that effectively, I need all the knowledge I can lay my eyes upon. Teaching this to the other settlers here can only benefit us all. We might start out as farmers, but we can be so much more.

Elria Damir
Human bard
The goddess Veeshan led me here. I could never have imagined that I was chosen to one day assist her brood themselves, but I have given myself over completely to the dragons of the Claws of Veeshan. Their wisdom will help to protect in the dark days ahead, and it is the dragons alone who can stave off the threat of Kerafyrm… that we mortals released from his confines. Ifs the least I can do to atone for the mistakes of others. We will make a life here, support the dragons, support Skyshrine, and do the bidding of Veeshan herself.


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