The Diary of Tserrina Syl’Tor

My Personal Accounts

Tserrina Syl’Tor

Finally my training has come into fruition. King Thex has bestowed upon me the coveted title “Enchantress of Neriak”. With the knowledge I have gained, there is a ritual I am seeking to perform. However, acquiring the components for this ritual will not come easy, or if at all. Still I will pursue this until I have either secured the components or have died trying. Of other interests, I noted an intriguing man strolling through the quarter this evening. There was something different about him. Perhaps I can inquire around to find out more.

I returned from my trek into the wilderness. I have found the creature I sought and with little effort obtained his essence. I am looking forward to the outcome of the ritual. A few more preparations and my immortality will be secured.All the preparations and research were fruitless. I neither see nor feel a change in either my being or inner self. How could this be, I had the best training in Norrath! There is no doubt that this ritual should have worked.

I saw the mysterious man again today and took it upon myself to make proper introductions. He introduced himself as nobility and told me that his family bloodline is deeply intertwined with these ancient lands. As we conversed I noticed something there. I have concluded this something is what drew me to him. Our meeting was not by chance.Rarely do I see my dark prince as he seems to only attend a select few social gathering. However, he is in the forefront of my mind. Not a day passes without wondering where he is or what he is doing at this precise moment I fear if he does not give me a sign of interest soon my heart shall wither away into nothing.
Worried, I decided to send a messenger forth with a missive and a simple gift. The gift, I hoped, would make him take note of what an intelligent and capable sorceress I am; one truly worthy of his love and attention.

What a fool I have been! How could I have been so blind? My motives controlled solely by my wanton emotions. I am nothing to him. He would rather keep the company of those beasts than with me. Someday he shall feel the pain and humiliation that I have personally felt at his hand.

It has been some time since I have put my thoughts onto parchment. I have been going about this all the wrong way. One can catch more flies with honey. So I bat my eyelashes and pursue his dark company. He must find that I have forgiven him for such a betrayal. Lately, in the evenings, he has begun to come calling for me. At night we sit in front of the fireplace in the parlor and discuss the goings on of Neriak. I’m not sure which is more amusing, the stories told or that my plan is going perfectly.My dark prince tells of a spectacular tower he has commissioned in my honor. I am told by him the tower contains many rare treasures, some even from his own personal collection. If I am so inclined, we would live in the tower together, with my most trusted handmaiden Cara. Before the next moon, we will reside in our wintery tower.

My dark prince and I spent our evening dining together. To celebrate our impending nuptials he poured a special wine from his personal collection. I had to excuse myself early as I was not feeling well at all. The room spun and my vision was not entirely there. My physical appearance is changing, although I cannot bear to go into detail. My dark prince has informed me, after checking in on me, that he has to be away on business for a while. I anxiously await his return.It has been several moons after my prince was supposed to have returned to me and he still sends no word. Here I have stood at the altar waiting his return. And it has become obvious his intentions have changed. I have attempted to leave the icy tower in search of him, however that is impossible. I am now stuck in the prison I have made for myself. I have, in my outrage, confined all the servants to the tower. If I am unable to venture into the outside world, so shall all the occupants of this tower be thus confined!


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