The Codex of the Khati Sha

Long in the distant past, civil war erupted between the erudites of Erudin. The conflict was swift and savage, and the erudites unleashed terrible magics against one another, often with devestating results. The peaceful kerrans, native to the continent of Odus, were caught up in the brutal conflict, in spite of their efforts to stay out of the line of fire.

The greatest loss, however, came when the armies of Paineel unleashed a powerful spell designed to completely wipe their enemies from Norrath. As a test, the erudites targeted a large kerran village on the southern end of Toxxulia Forest. In one terrifying flash, the village completely vanished (along with the mountain on which it once rested), and the Hole was formed.

The spell was based on teleportation magic, and rather than destroying the village and its inhabitants, it actually sent the entire mountainside through the Combine network, and onto the moon of Luclin. The survivors of the spell were shocked at their new surroundings, but since they were unable to reverse their situation, they soon began to rebuild on their new home.

Khati Sha, a general and advisor to the tribe elder, Kejaan Kerrath, was also one of the first explorers on the moon of Luclin. Among his discoveries were the Acrylia Mines, which gave the kerrans the material they would use to build their new city, and the glade of spiritual animals, which lead to the rediscovery of the beastlord path. The house of beastlords became known as Khati Sha after the one who discovered them.

When adventurers came to Luclin, they met with Khati Sha, and began to learn the secrets of spiritual bonding. Thus, the teaching of the beastlords reached out beyond hte city of Shar Vhal, and back to the denizens of Norrath. Beastlords had again returned to Norrath.

Prior to the age of Cataclysms, the gods departed Norrath. Those attuned to the spiritual world began to feel the mighty spiritual guides who once spoke to them also began to retreat, although unlike the divine gods, the spiritual retreat was far more gradual. Rituals to bond spirit animals to their beastlords began to fail, and the spirits did not respond when questioned why. As a group, beastlords were becoming extinct on Norrath.

The Truespirit, who were responsible for the spirit guides, had sensed impending cataclysms and chose to retreat. Since the spirit guides themselves were tied to the essence of mortals, the disasters could threaten to destroy the Truespirit as well. Thus, they elected to retreat back to the spirit world, and await the time when they could emerge again.

The Great Wolf ? Kaldrahir, the Pack Leader

Kaldrahir represents the aspect of leadership. He teaches guiding those in a common goal, of using your own courage to help others overcome their fears and follow to places they might not otherwise go. He is fair in his decisions, but is often utterly convincing of his position once he has made up his mind. it is through him that the mortals learn to lead their bonded spirits into the most perilous and darkest of places.

The Great Chokidai ? Ralissk, the Keeper of Wisdom

Ralissk is the embodiment of wisdom, which draws on ages of knowledge and experience. Ralissk is the eldest of the Harbingers, and acts as an advisor to others when necessary. His wisdom can be used to serve others, or to protect one?s self in cases where it might be necessary. it is his wisoomt hat teaches the beastlords how to sharpen their minds and senses to overcome the challenges they will face in their journeys.

The Great Bear ? Elnakii, of Body and Mind

The personification of might, Elnakii?s strength comes from his connection of his body and mind, making them as one. Unifying these with each other gives him unbreakable will, pushes the limits of his strength, and gives him fortitude unmatched by any of the other great spirits. This important technique is taught to the beastlords, helping them to maximize their potential, and become something beyond what they might otherwise find themselves capable of.

The Great Crocodile ? U?lla, the Strong Hearted

Known for her unflinching courage, U?lla?s strength lies in her conviction and bravery. She will stand fast in the face of overwhelming odds, staring down her enemies without fear, and in fact has broken down opponents with the strength of her will alone. She does not back down, and will always see things to the end ? even mercilessly so. It is courage that she teaches to the beastlords, showing them not only the strength of body to stand up when others have fled, but also the courage of heart to make impossibly hard decisions and live with the choices made.

The Great Tiger ? Marisha Kur, the Den Mother

The Den Mother is known for making sure that those under her care are looked after and protected. She is also a teacher, guiding others in their journeys and helping them learn the lessons they will need to survive.

Along with this nurturing nature is an unmatched ferocity, as she protects that which she deems as her territory or domain. She teaches this devotion to the beastlords, so that they might give of themselves to protect that which is important to them ? be it a cause, a loved one, or a profession.

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