The Bonemire Creature Catalog

Though The Bonemire is part of the Overrealm, it’s appearance is surreal, with rivers of bright blue against dark purple landscapes.
The air is safe to breath without the use of any artificial supports. The air is thin and dry, similar to high-altitude desert.
The alien aspects of its fauna are inescapable as well.
The landscape is harsh and uninviting. Rocky outcroppings can hide many dangers, not the least of which is a hidden crevasse into which a careless traveller might stumble.
Although there are numerous vivid blue streams flowing across the various islands comprising this area, there is very little vegetation.
It is not clear whether the water is safe to drink, though it is safe to swim through when necessary.
As it has a similar climate to that of a desert, The Bonemire is inhabited by creatures that could conceivably be found in any Norrathian environment.
Large spiders and basilisks roam the flatlands, foraging for sustenance.
The Doomwing droags, a creature that seems on one hand akin to lizardfolk and on the other somewhat dragon-like, are extremely militant and should be approached with caution.
Most of the territory of The Bonemire includes at least one Doomwing regiment. They are constantly on patrol, though it is unclear if this is just habitual behavior for them.
There are enormous dragon-like skeletons scattered across The Bonemire. It is difficult to imagine a living creature of that size roaming the lands.
Indeed, the central island of this area includes an ancient building with an entrance that mimics the jaws of one of these fiercesome, but thankfully absent, beasts.


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