The Barren Sky Creature Catalog

by Penny Dreadful

The Barren Sky can live up to its name at first glance. Yet, it is a land of diverse flora and fauna, much of which is unfamiliar with visitors from Norrath.

This book is merely a guide; you will doubtless learn more about the area through your own explorations.

There are several “islands” in the Barren Sky chain. Primarily desert environments, the weather is dry and dusty, though generally clear.

Cliffs rise high above the gold sandstone that comprises much of the landscape. Water is a rare commodity in this section of the Overrealm.

One of the most unusual features are the purple lichens near various pathways.

It is thought that their unusual coloration is the result of a base mineral dissolving into its surrounding soil.

Certainly, the purple fields are more prevalent along areas that are frequently disturbed, such as the foot of narrow gorges and popular cliff-scaling locales.

As this is a high-altitude area, most of the inhabitants are winged creatures of one sort or another. There are also several elemental creatures that are unfazed by the thin atmosphere.

The aviaks form three very distinct clans that are at odds with one another. There are Strifewings, a gangly predatory creature; Windgazers, a somewhat quieter, introspective flock; and finally, Blacktalons, which are aggressive and war-like.

Transportation between these islands of the air is relatively simple and certainly elegant. Wispy clouds are summoned to lift one to any of the other isles. There are also other means of transportation available for your pleasure within the Overrealm.

If you are new to the area, it is best to approach any winged creature with care and to be mindful of the distance to the island’s precipices


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