Selected Poems

A collection of poems.
This collection was written by Dervin poets, relating different themes common to everyone: love, loss, and hope.

“The Heart Remembers”
Though scholars have debated the matter, the identity of the sultan and his bride remain a mystery. Some say it is a reference to Ahkari, the founder of Maj’Dul. The earliest versions of this poem pre-date the city by centuries, however.

The dark of night
Brings whispering winds
And tales of fanciful dreams
The sultan appears on his steed
The heart trembles,
The heart remembers
The dreams of long ago

The love he held
For his young bride
Her beauty and charm held him
The sultan, lord of the lands, in thrall
The heart remembers,
The heart trembles
Love’s poem of long ago

Love dreamt by night
Made true by day
And yet, the dreams they shared
Were but delicate blossoms
The heart trembles
The heart remembers
Ah, love lost long ago

In their palace
When he was gone
She quietly awaits her love
Through long cold days and sleepless nights
The heart remembers,
The heart trembles
Love, so patiently, awaits

“Sand castles”
In the aftermath of the Rending, many poets wrote of the catastrophes that sundered the world. In this poem by Dervin poet Alyarrah Mahaat, the Rending is characterized as barrashar invaders arriving by sea.

In my dreams I was a child
In our home beside the sea
We walked together to the shore
Where I built a sand castle for thee

Grey gulls cried out high above
And the sun shone fierce and bright
Warming the pearls of clear white sand
That I shaped with my hands of delight

Wind upon the turquoise sea
Caps the waves with pale grey foam
And draws dark ships closer
Tarnish, growing in the silver gloam

A ship, tall and black, arrives
The day is now dark and cold
And I hide behind my castle
Longing for your hand to hold

The barrashar pour forth from their ship
My sand castle tumbled to dust
And you…
And all I love…
Are now gone

In my dream I was a child
In our home beside the sea
I walk, alone, along the shore
Where I build a castle in the air
And where I will wait for thee

“The Saracen”
The Saracen is legendary amongst the inhabitants of Maj’Dul. With his prowess in the arena, the Saracen champions changes in the laws that benefit the poor and most unfortunate. No one knows his true identity, for his face is veiled and he speaks to no one.

Striding into battle, his face is veiled from view
The Saracen arrives to the cheers of the crowd
He nods, he bows, but he speaks not
Yet all know what he will do on this day
He will win today

His beast with horns gleaming and sharp
Had never been beaten in combat
Its hooves are polished by the sand
His bearing is proud and aloof
He will win today

Do you walk through Maj’Dul
And not hear the cheering crowds?
From lowest born to highest caste
The Saracen is renown
He will win today

And when he wins, new laws are made
He clothes the poor widows’ children
He feeds those who cannot pay
He brings hope where none was before
He has already won


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