Seeress Ealaynya Ithis’s Prophecies: Book Three

The hidden and that which is to come.
I, Ealaynya Ithis, Seeress, Shepherd and prophet to the most selfless of the supreme deities, Rodcet Nife, having been made aware of my limited time within this glorious realm, through a vision of my demise, felt an explanation and further guidance may be sought after I have been escorted to Ethernere.

I wished not to reveal my inevitable end to my flock nor fellow believers, as they would have locked me behind guard and protection spells in an attempt to secure my life. The great work that I was to fulfill, the preparation of all for the coming of dark times and struggles, would have been hindered. Such preparation was much more important than my single life!

Do not be distraught by my passing, nor question our merciful Prime Healer’s glorious return. This was but a step along the path towards his return to our realms! It was neither his doing nor his plan that it occur, but it was unavoidable.

The oblivion beyond the veil, dark and ravenous encroaches upon Norrath. A torrent unleashed will be felt by gods and mortals, alike. Many, like yourself, will be witness to it. Few will be prepared enough to stop it.

Chaos and mourning rules when the sword resides where the heart should be.
The contested lady under the waves guides those to growth.
The shrouded union of dead and dark doth stir a pot most turbulent.
Naught gone where others must follow to meet oblivion.
In the grip of claws are songs of truth and guidance never sung.
Though the moons may glow beautifully, it is the sun that grants them their shine.
The tomb of the hound hides the prism of a timeless betrayer.
The secret crypt of the hand of Enoxus leads to the fallen three.
The fate of a spurned daughter is threatened with princely plans of vengeance.
~ Seeress Ealaynya Ithis

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