Ring Around the Desert

Entry 22:
I’ve been running around in this desert now for weeks. Hasten Bootstrutter is a madman… although I think I’m probably even more mad for giving in to his demands. I’m beginning to wonder if he just sent me on a wild goose chase. He mentioned that the ancient cyclops will carry the ring he asked for, but after all of these weeks, I have yet to see one that fits the description he gave me. Ring of the Ancients indeed.

Entry 23:
I came across another adventurer hunting for the ancient cyclops. Being a ranger, she mentioned that she had, in fact, tracked what she believed to be the ancient cyclops through the desert, but the shifting sands would often erase the trail before she could catch up with her quarry. This is encouraging, although I remain skeptical since she hasn’t actually seen the beast for herself. I’ll give a few more days before I leave this desert for good, then.

Entry 29:
I was able to defeat the cyclops I saw yesterday. However, it was not carrying the ring. I think I was too eager to find the ring, and in my excitement, I risked my own life fighting an enemy that I had no need to combat. This desert is certainly getting to me – even if I plan to remain out here and search for this creature, I’ll need to resupply at some point.

Entry 30:
I SAW IT. Just over the sand dunes, not far from where I was. I raced to get to it, but I was jumped by a wandering madman. I was so fixed on my target, that I had no idea the madman was even there – I could have paid for my eagerness with my life once again. I know where the beast is now…

Entry 33:
It’s clear now that I wasn’t the only one who spied the ancient cyclops. I’ve seen several other adventurers near where I saw the beast, and it’s beginning to seem like a race. Hasten must be laughing himself hoarse at this point. No matter… arrows and flashing steel can’t outrun the searing power of my Pillar of Lightning spells. That ring is mine.

Entry 36:
Okay, I hate rangers. They can obviously track this thing, and always seem to be one step behind the creature, which is still a step ahead of me. So aggravating.

Entry 39:
I’m tired of dealing with all of the crowding here. With all of us tripping over ourselves, there’s no way any of us are going to find that cyclops. This is pointless. I’ve heard, however, that there might be another tribe of cyclops out in the Ocean of Tears. Perhaps it is worth my while to…


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