Qeynos Guard Logbook

0600 – Nothing to report. Streets are quiet.
1000 – Resolved a quarrel between a shopkeeper and an unruly customer. Customer was simply asked to leave.
1200 – All is quiet.
1800 – Change of guard.

0600: Wolves in the distance. No danger appears to be present, however.
0700: The sound of wolves turned out to be the baying of gnolls. Alerting the guards at the gates.
1100: The scouting party has been spotted returning from their search for the gnolls. Gnolls were not found. It appears they retreated.
1200: All is quiet.
1300: Minor disturbance near the Temple of Life. Turned out to be dogs fighting. 1800: Change of guard.

0600: Scouting party mustering near the gate, looking for the gnolls that were spotted last night.
0800: Scouting party has left.
Burglar apprehended near the docks while attempting to flee.
1200: Adventuring party came through the front gates, several injuries.
1300: Scouting party has returned! They killed several gnolls, with minimal damage to themselves.
1600: Lone howling in the distance. It appears one of the gnolls is angry.
1700: Caught a shadowknight attempting to kill the koalindl fish near the Temple of Life. A paladin was nearby, who offered to help clean up any dead fish. I found it suspicious.
1800: Change of guard.

0600: More howling. It’s been happening fairly regularly according to the night watch.
0700: Attack on the front gate!! A lone gnoll charged the gate, shouting that we would all pay for ruining his land. The gate guards drove him off, but his attack was unexpected.
0800: A few citizens asked about the gnoll attack. Really, the attack was comical on hindsight. One gnoll?
1200: All is quiet
1500: A child was lost in the marketplace. We found him near the front gates.
1600: Change of guard. Change was interrupted! The gnoll attacked again! He shouted something about the Sabretooth clan, and ran toward the gate again. Once again, he was soundly defeated. Hopefully that will be the last.

0600: Several night watch have remained on duty to see if the gnoll will make another run this morning.
0900: We weren’t disappointed! The gnoll attacked again! We just left the gate up to see what he would do. He ran around the base of the gate for a while, and several of us jeered him.
1000: Persistent! He stayed for the better part of an hour. He finally exhausted himself, and left.
1200: All is quiet. The gnoll is the talk of the entire squad.
1300: Two of the guar. fell ill. We’re attempting to space out the remaining guards to cover their watch.
1500: He’s returned!! Fippy Darkpaw is his name. He shouted again that he would make us all pay. I can’t stop laughing!
1600: Change of guard. I’m staying around for a while. I want to see if he comes back.

0600: The night watch captain doesn’t find this as comical as we all do. He has a point – this kind of courage isn’t normally found in the gnolls. We’ve been ordered to kill him.
1200: All quiet. I’m hoping Fippy stays away. I don’t want to have to kill him!
1400: FIPPY IS BACK! He once again shouted his presence, and is charging the gate. And… it is done. The archers made several hits, and Fippy fell to the ground. It should be over. We’re sending out a group to collect his body.
1500: Amazing! The soldiers sent to recover Fippy could not find the body! Did Fippy survive?
1600: Change of guard. On a personal note, I have to admit that I respect the bravery of Fippy Darkpaw. However, the night watch captain’s words are true. What if he were to inspire the other gnolls into similar action? I shudder to think.

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