Poetry of the Djinn

By the Djinn and for the Djinn
As with most poems by the Djinn, credit if not given to the individual writer. Many djinn prefer the stylized short poetic form, especially the ones which end with an ironic twist.


Reflections in the mirror
Through which I see the past
But do reflections bind me
To a house that’s made of glass?

The sky was once our homeland
Our refuge and domain
Now those lands are closed to us
But reflections still remain

Our challenge is a hard one
Our power must not wane
We would not have it said of us,
“Only their reflections remained.”

“Short Forms”

Though the djinn love poetry in all its forms, the short form is a favorite. Sometimes, the Djinn will converse in this short form to see who can carry on the longest conversations without lapse.

Two snakes slithered by
One smiled at me, and so
I have let him live

Do you find that there
Are more stars in the night sky
Since the Rending?

“Truly,” said the man
“Have I been blessed in life; but…”
“What blessing is death?”

Give me your hand, friend
I will fill it with riches
Do not sink with them


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