Pirate Grammar Manual – Second Edition

Pirate Grammar Manual – Second Edition

By Captain Nalot

This here be me updated book about how ta talk like a pirate. Extended ya might be sayin’.

First ya use matey fer friend.
Ya say ahoy, not hello.
Landlubber is anyone not one o us.
If anyone insults ya call ’em a scurvy dog and that’s that.

That’s how ya talk like a pirate. Use the rest o these words a lot fer color n such.Chapter A

Adrift (windless)
Ahoy (hello)
Avast (might be like a vase)
Aye (yes)
Arrr! (indefinable)

Chapter B

Barnacle (bad stuff fer ships)
Belay (put off)
Bilge (lowest level of ship)
Blimey (exclamation)
Bonny (pretty)
Bosun (I dunno, some job Arni does)
Britches (pants)
Buccaneer (pirates like us)
Bunk (bed)Chapter C

Cap’n (me)
Chumbucket (dinner or insult)
Codswallop (the wallop o’ a cod)
Coffer (plunder holder)
Cove (protection from storms)
Crows Nest (Highest point of me ship)

Chapter D and E

There aint any

Chapter F

Festering (stickin’ ’round)

Chapter G

Gally (name fer women)
Gangplank (gets ya on me ship)
Gar! (arrr!)
Grog (some ogre I think)
Grub (friend o that ogre)

Chapter H

Harbor (stop me ship here)
Hearty (friend)
Hoist (lift)
Hornswaggle (cheatin’ and trickin’)
Hull (bulk o’ the ship)

Chapter I

There aint any

Chapter J

Jolly Roger (me old friend Roger)

Chapter K

Knave (insult)

Chapter L

Lad (young man)
Landlubber (anyone not one o us)
Lass (young maiden)
Lootin’ (finders keepers)

Chapter M

Maroon (color fer our flag)
Matey (friend)
Mizzenmast(mast of mizzen)
Mutiny (self promotion)

Chapter N

No Quarter (not getting’ a fourth)

Chapter O

There aint any

Chapter P

Pressgang (recruit)
Poopdeck (opposite of scurvy)
Port (landlubber’s drink)
Plunder (treasure for me lootin)

Chapter Q

There aint any

Chapter R

Ransack (nothin’ left to plunder)
Rudder (steers me ship)
Rum (you know what that is mateys)

Chapter S

Sails (the cloth things catchin’ the wind)
Scallywag (insult)
Scalded (like a dog)
Scrimshaw (made o bone)
Scurvy (stay away from)
Seadog (insult)
Shiver me timbers (har har)
Shove off (time to go)
Smartly (quickly)
Starboard (no idea)
Stern (Missus Nalot)
Swabbie (thats Tsilos’ job)

Chapter T

Thar (there)

Chapter U

Urchin (insult or dinner)

Chapter V

Vexin’ (sassy lass)Chapter W

Wench (rum slingin’ temptress)
Wooing (amorous advance or surprisin’ yell)

Chapter X

There aint any

Chapter Y

Yardarm (shipbuilder)

Chapter Z


Thar aint no more so stop readin’.


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