Pillars of Flame Creature Catalog

The area known as the Pillars of Flame has an array of interesting creatures and geographical formations.
It is situated in the north-western area of Ro, and borders both the Sinking Sands and the Clefts of Rujark. Rocks make up pillars and valleys that dot and surround the land, with sand filling the gaps. The high walls of the valleys can create beautiful sunless-landscape in the middle of the day.

The creatures that fill that landscape rarely care for aesthetics, however.

Within the rock-walled valleys goblins, Cyclops and a number of wild beasts make their home. Perched above, harpies greedily survey the landscape looking for anything they can scavenge.

Hidden carefully away, djinn, naga, and even the Ashen Order all find their niche within the Pillars of Flame.

Many portions of this land lack direct accessibility, which only serves to make the local inhabitants that much more interesting.

The high rock walls can help shield one from the sun, but the air is relentlessly hot.

The only respite comes from rapid breezes that — while not cool — help stir up the stagnant, hot air. When faced with unbearable heat it can be unnerving to realize that so many creatures call this land their home.

Presence of the Dervin Empire is sparse in the Pillars of Flame, but in many ways it hosts its own desert empire.

When seen from ground level it is hard to appreciate the beauty of the Pillars of Flame. From above (say seen from Maj’Dul) one can better take in the region as a whole.

The intricate, maze-like valleys weave themselves into the pathways for warriors of all types. Goblins mine away, Cyclopes patrol their territory and the lesser species work to merely survive.

It is a delicate yet harsh system that is hard to fit one’s self into.

From the Pillars of Flame one can visit the Sinking Sands to the east, or the Clefts of Rujark to the south.

No other regions border the Pillars of Flame, but caves and hidden valleys scatter the landscape, known only to their inhabitants and the all-seeing harpies. Though the harpies avoid them, the curiosity of adventurers creates a never ending search for hidden lands and treasures.


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