Personal Notes of Lorekeeper Solstrin

Personal Notes of Lorekeeper Solstrin
This is a collection of loose papers that may once have formed a personal notebook, but are now clearly incomplete. They are well cared for now, but are clearly old and have suffered much damage

Lorekeeper Solstrin

…believe it was three weeks past the end of Deepice. Situation seemed worse each month. The Dain sleeps little and is starting to see spies in every corner. It is hoped the gnomes may bring reinfor…

…Royal Velium Armor, the perfection of which recipe has been my life’s work. We provided a full suit of it to General Bragmur when he let off on the dangerous…

…as quite safe, due to my splendid armor design, assisted of course by a group of brave adventurers who agreed to escort the General. One of them had been working with Loremaster Borannin to learn his recipes for our most intricate traditional prayer shawl pattern, recipes which are in my opinion so convoluted that it’s no wonder few have ever manag…

…ng ago now. I still regret not accompanying the General. The opportunity of a lifetime… of many lifetimes. They say that Brell himself blessed the prayer sha…

…recipes for posterity in a separate volume. I should think that any sufficiently skilled outfitter should be able to follow my directions and preserve our traditional artisanry should the worst happen. The materials may hard to…


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