Perinius’ Log

I’m not sure what is different about me, but my friends all say it’s Veronica. They give me a hard time about her, but at the same time I think they respect what I have found. From my perspective things just seem different. I breathe easier and stand taller.

I don’t know how she does it. The Captain had been riding me all day and I was in a foul, foul mood. Veronica smiled at me and things were… better.

I told her I loved her. She’s said as much to me on many occasions, but only now have I realized my own feelings. When I finally did tell her she just smiled and said “I know.” I found that cute.

The date has been set. Veronica and I shall be joined. Everyone says I should be nervous, but I am more happy than anything else. Perhaps nervousness will come later.

The date approaches. Veronica has been spending more and more time with her wedding planners. Now I am getting the jitters. Normally she’s around to calm my fears but without her I have nobody to talk sense into me. Maybe it’s just normal though.

I… just found a letter from one of Veronica’s “former” suitors. If i read this correctly they are going to dine together this evening.

This pain is immense. The letter was true to the last detail. My Veronica… is not my Veronica. I cannot comprehend how this could have occured. My mind is blank, my heart is reeling, and my soul is spinning. Can my perceptions be so off? Why…


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