Ollg’s Memoirs

I heard the sky crack. I felt the ground shake. I smelled the scent of charred metal. We all did. As I watched it streak across the sky, I knew what it was. We all did. Some rejoiced immediately, some stood in awe, some tried to run after it. I stared in disbelief. Whatever the reason, he did not belong here.
I tried to speak with the general. He will not listen. I’ve heard the talk about the Warlord coming to conquer Ethernere, but I can’t help but wonder why. He has his own war fields. He has his own perpetual battles to watch. Ethernere is not the domain of war, in spite of how many might come here as a result of it.

There is something wrong. The very air feels different. There is something terribly wrong, but no one sees it. I talked to some others, and they believe it to be the coming of war. They believe that Drinal is tightening up his forces to keep Rallos at bay. Yes we have not seen our Warlord. He has not emerged from the sea. I do not believe he is here to conquer.
The Horde sits just outside the shore, seemingly unable to cross onto the land. The others believe that they are too afraid, but I do not see fear in their movements. I see an impatient waiting. They are waiting for something, although I cannot say what that might be. It is clear, though, that if they had their way, they would be attacking Oggok.

I have thought about the Warlord’s arrival at length. I believe his coming here was not his choice. To admit this, however, is to admit something far graver – that the Warlord has fallen, and has fallen for good. Even thinking that defies everything I believe and have believed my entire life. But I must admit what I see with my own eyes. The Warlord has been defeated.
I have made enemies. No one wants to hear what I have to say. Every day they make more weapons, more banners. They are ready to march in the name of War. Why can’t they see, Ethernere already suffers. I can’t explain why or how, but I can feel it I believe that is why the Horde masses at the shores, why Ethernere seems to be at unease. They will not listen, and they will make matters worse.

They are coming for me. I don’t know what they are planning. But I will not flee. I will make a final attempt to make them see reason, but it will fail. I will stand before them, and try to fend off the inevitable. I fear that nothing can stop what has been set in motion. I pray I am wrong.


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