Of Maj’Dul Am I

By an anonymous poet
The author of this poem has — for good reasons — decided to remain anonymous. A quick ruling in the arena has prevented this from being legally published, though copies still find their way into the hands of agitators. While many critics agree that it is filled with political half-truths and exaggerations, few will state that there is no basis in truth for these lines.

Ahkari am I, impaled
on my own lance.
Forsaker of Maj’Dul am I.

Maj’dul, the city of my blood,
all for naught.
Forsaker of Maj’Dul am I.

Ahkarem am I. No lure
of victory shall
overcome my cowardice.

Into the sand I flee,
none shall hunt me here.
Deserter of Maj’Dul am I.

Dukar am I. Poison my son
with promises of might,
but fail to temper

I gut myself, and place
the blade in his hand.
Corruptor of Maj’Dul am I.

Dukarem am I, swordsman, son,
and savage.
My might shall prove
my wealth of mind.

Paranoid am I, guards, child,
and friends: all foes.
Usurper of Maj’Dul am I.

Dukaris am I, defender
of the people,
my call to arms shall bring you.

Aloof am I, no sight but combat.
The blind protector of Maj’Dul am I.

Danaria am I, watching the city
expand about me, just watching.

I rely on others to move me,
just an in-liver of Maj’Dul am I.

Ishti am I, my sinister mind
giving way to sinister employment.

Mask my grief, pretend
I am necessary.
Murderer of Maj’Dul am I.

Ishara am I, and through my kadaren
this city shall one day be mine.

Those in my way
are banished to the sands,
the dread lawyer of Maj’Dul am I.

Isdala am I, a beautiful face
in a footbath’s depth of existence.

The more desired, the less acquired.
The distracter of Maj’Dul am I.

Rahima am I, sister of
my inverted self,
and no place here for me.

My value lies behind my eyes.
The solemn foreigner
of Maj’Dul am I.

Omren am I, giving to my son
the happiness I thought to be useful.
It is too late, poisoned by
the silver spoon.
The spoiler of Maj’Dul am I.

Neriph am I, once happy son
of Omren.
Saddened now, but not by his death.

His responsibility is my new bane.
Slow learner of Maj’Dul am I.

Mudeef am I, I think I rule
a city somewhere,
or so some people say.

Hidden I shall stay, avoiding
my duties.
Neglector of Maj’Dul am I.

Your neighbor am I,
most unfortunately
unprepared and unprotected.

Unaware of what goes on
just behind me.
A dweller of Maj’Dul am I.


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