Notes on the Survival Accord, by Mug

Notes on the Survival Accord
by Mug

Darkday, Deadening 1
I have arrived to take up my new post. One of my duties is to learn about this settlement and look for information on their background and potential needs, which could provide clues as to what trade openings there may be. This notebook will help record the details if needed for a formal report.

Burnday, Deadening 2
Firmroot Moot is one of three outposts staffed by the organization that calls themselves the Survival Accord. My colleagues in the other two, the Overlook and the Shadowed Cleft, will also send me their notes for comparison. All we initially know is that this alliance represents members from both Grobb and Tupta who believe it’s more important to ally together and fight against the Brokenskull, the Ykeshans, and the Thullosians than it is to maintain historical enmities.

Windday, Deadening 4
Captain Lip Marrsquire works closely with Shaman Skullcleave to lead the organization in their task. Not long ago they were unceremoniously joined by a third party, the crew of the Skystrider, which crashed into the side of Firmroot Moot, to the great embarrassment of Captain Cogglespot and the expedition leader, who they only refer to as “the Great Morsley”. Nobody has yet been willing to tell me what is great about him.

Mirthday, Deadening 9
I spoke with Vegupa Marrsheart, an enthusiastic froglok who says she is a member of the Crusaders of Guk. This is apparently a small faction dedicated to clearing out and possibly reclaiming Guk. I enquired where the other members of her faction were stationed, but she only tried to recruit me to her cause, so I retreated. I am not mercenary for hire, despite my large build. I was always considered rather a scholar, back home.

Soulday, Deadening 13
Some of the gnomish tinkers have constructed an innovative contraption to transport people around the Moors. They are testing one now which so far can fly a single passenger from the Firmroot Moot up to the overhanging cliff above, where there is a save of boarfiends they’ve been investigating. Sissili and her ratonga assistant Pirdy pressed me to try it, but while it seems to carry the weight of a gnome safely, I am not sure about an ogre’s bulk. I prefer to use more traditional methods of transport.

Moorday, Deadening 17
A note from my colleague Quinn at the Shadowed Cleft outpost reports the fighting with the Brokenskull clans is fierce at times. She recently imported some basic furniture, but it is difficult for any supplies to reach them and there are likely good trade opportunities to be had, if a safe shipping route can be established. Klip Marrsquire, relative to Glip, leads the battles at that outpost. I am still awaiting word from Liasion Alden at the Overlook on the situation there.

Brewday, Deadening 20
So far I would guess there may be trade opportunities for gnomish tools and tinker supplies, weapons for the defense against the Brokenskull, Ykeshans, and the Thullosians, and building materials to fortify the outposts. They seem to manufacture a local armor which is quite strong, I plan to investigate the details of the manufacturing process next. It might sell well on other shores, if we can obtain some.


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