Necessary Elements

The Orb of Mastery must be mine. I came across the knowledge of this artifact when I met the gnome known as Rykas while traveling through Lake Rathetear. His words led me the story of Trilith Mag’kot, and ultimately, to the Orb itself. Evidently, there is fear that this knowledge will bring about the end of the magician order, but I admittedly cannot resist the idea of wielding the raw power of the elements as my own. I will collect the necessary elements, and the Orb will be mine.Element of Earth:

Dirt of the Underfoot – Found. I was able to “convince” Klex to hand over his sample of the dirt.

Staff of Elemental Mastery: Earth – Found. I was able to travel to the Plane of Hate itself, and after defeating some of the vile creatures found therein, I came across this mystical staff.

Broom of Trilon, and the Shovel of Ponz Found. After speaking with Vira in the Temple, I collected the necessary items to obtain the Broom and the Shovel.

Element of Fire:

Blazing Wand – Found. This was not easy. I had to enter the sunken Kedge Keep to find this mythical wand.

Torch of the Elements – Found. I had to travel to Kunark and the City of Mist, but I was able to acquire the torch there.

Burning Embers – Found. Having already made my way to Kunark, it was little trouble to travel to Burning Woods, and locate these embers.Element of Wind:

Elemental Binding – Found. The irony of crawling through the depths of the Hole to find a piece necessary for the element of Air was not lost on me.

Crown of Elemental Mastery – Found. I managed to make it to the Plane of Sky, and found the Crown in the possession of one of the unlucky denizens of that plane.

Pegasus Feather Cloak -.Not Found. I have heard the legend of a creature known as Qullmane, but I haven’t managed to find it. I’ll search for this later.

Element of Water:
Rain of Karana – Found. Once possessed by a giant, these glistening droplets are now mine.
Staff of Elemental Mastery: Water – Found, but not yet acquire. It appears to be in the possession of a creature known as Phinigal Autropus in Kedge Keep. We were not able to defeat this creature, so we will gather our strength and return.

Tears of Erollisi – Found. This was not easy to gather. The warriors in the Overthere have earned their fearsome reputation.Update on Quillmane:

After several weeks of looking for the elusive pegasus, I still have been unable to locate it I’ve taken to hiring a tracker, and in spite of the ridiculous amount of gold I have given her, she insists that there is no guarantee that she will be able to find it since it can fly. I think this is an excuse for her own incompetence, but we will see.

Quillmane continued:
That ranger was useless. I had no better luck with her than I did wandering around these plains on my own. I’ve wandered the length of the grasslands, and I can see no evidence of this mystical beast. I’m beginning to think that the information I received was erroneous or fabricate. I think I will return to have a discussion with Kihun Solstin.Quillmane continued:
THIS IS MADDENING. I am certain that the creature known as Quillmane is a myth, and that all reports of sightings of it are just the ravings of the insane, or an attempt at getting attention. I even tried making my own cloak of feathers, and using that in the place of the Pegasus Cloak. This did not work either. I am going to get the Orb of Mastery, if it is the last thing I ever accomplish!

Quillmane continued:
After months of searching, and no results. I concede. I cannot find Quillmane, and I am certain that Kihun Solstin simply wanted me to die out on these plains. Well, no more. You win, Quillmane. May you live a thousand more lifetimes.


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