Mistmoore Researcher’s Logbook

Mistmoore Researcher’s Logbook
This bound tome bears the seal of Mayong Mistmoore on its cover. It appears to be the writings of one of the vampire researchers that are working to help unlock the mysteries of the runes that Mayong has been searching for. It contains written notes and diagrams of the researcher’s investigations.

Mayong has finally unearthed the calendar. It is a ring, which contains sixteen holes across its surface. These smaller holes are inset, and appear to be meant to hold something else within them, although what exactly would be anyone’s guess. It resists any attempt at magical inspection, and just seems to be completely mundane in all respects – nothing more then ordinary stone. I’m not sure what value it might actually have, but Mayong is quite pleased that we now possess it.

Upon further inspection of the ring, we have found that it appears to be intended to fit around the outside of the Chelsith Stone itself. It’s almost as if it was intended to be a part of the stone, but since Mayong is not currently in possession of the Stone itself, it’s difficult to verify. He seems unconcerned, however, and is more interested in finding out what it is that belongs in the holes within the ring. We found some strange sigils on the walls within Chelsith, and he believes that these sigils might have something to do with the “monoliths” of Theer. Several of our number have been dispatched to begin their search, but a search for what?

We returned from the expedition today, and I was amazed at what we discovered. It appeared that the large stone we uncovered contained one of the sigils Mayong was looking for. Moreover, it had the correct dimensions and curvature to fit within the holes in the ring. Mayong is certain to be pleased with this news, and will likely reward us handsomely. We are heading to the chamber now where the calendar sits, although it would be wise to wait for Mayong to be present before taking any steps to affix the newly discovered stone in place.

So, a new mystery. The sigil stones we brought in have a strange behavior when brought in close to the calendar. Some will glow slightly when brought in contact with specific holes on the calendar ring, while others seem to be completely inert. Are these fakes? Have they lost whatever magic they had once possessed? All of this made more strange by the fact none of these pieces radiate any magic. It’s maddening and fascinating all at the same time, but discovering the reasons behind this behavior of the sigil stones is likely the key to unlocking the purpose of the ring altogether. It is imperative that we do so, and do so quickly.


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