Krymok’s Peace Plan

The words of Krymok QuelGok, Civ-Parser of Gorowyn.

Offered to the Haoaeran emissary, Rakon Daka.

Proposal I: On Ending the Present War Entirely
It has been considered by the Sarnak people, that in recognition of the appearance of emissaries from Haoaera at the place of truce agreed upon by both sides, we shall take this opportunity to explore the possibility of the end of fighting, and express the conditions which must be agreed to by the Haoaerans before such a possibility can be realized. For we, the Sarnaks, to forego our anger at the historic betrayal and attempt made by the Haoaerans to exterminate our kind these many years ago, to eschew any and all action now under consideration to extract vengeance from our sworn enemies the Haoaerans for depredations and atrocities committed on our persons and property, and to foreswear any further acts of aggression whatsoever against the Haoaerans while they themselves shall abide by the terms named below, we shall require the following:

Proposal II: On Continuing the Present War, While Eschewing Certain Atrocious Acts
In the event that Proposal I finds no sympathetic ear among the Haoaerans, perhaps they will agree to the following terms:
The war shall continue on as before, but with the understanding that neither side shall interfere with certain functions of the other:
1. The laying of eggs, the operation of Creation Tubes and the raising of children;
2. The gathering and preparation of food;
3. The movement to and from places of parley while displaying appropriate colors;
4. The removal of injured from places of battle.
In addition, it may be agreed that:
1. Prisoners taken by the combatants shall be fed and clothed and not exposed to unnecessary peril;
2 The use of poisons by the combatants be forbidden;
3. The use of magics by the combatants be

Proposal III: On Continuing the Present War, At a Lower Rate of Mutual Harm
In the event that Proposals I and II fail to inspire the Haoaerans, perhaps they will agree to this. It is proposed that rather than unleash the full destructive might of the Sarnaks against the Haoaerans, that no more than fifty warriors from either side be equipped for fighting, and that the remote portions of Timorous Deep be set aside for combat between the two races, in perpetuity.
In the event the Haoaerans accept this proposal, they would forever relinquish their claims to the city of Gorowyn and such other Iands now held by the Sarnaks…
(The document continues, laying out the various rules by which this form of permanent ritual combat between the two sides would be governed.)

Proposal IV: On Continuing the Present War, Without Further Understanding
Upon the inconceivable event that the Haoaeran delegation cannot be made to agree to any of the three preceding treaty proposals, it is desirable to inform them only that they risk further humiliating destruction of their lands, their homes, their property, and their people. The Sarnaks take no responsibility at all for any additional violent measures which may be necessary to compel the Haoaerans to accept their inevitable fate as functionary appendages of the Sarnak kingdom. However, as it is desirable to maintain some form of direct communication between warring foes, the delegation of Haoaeran emissaries led by Rakon Daka shall be considered permanently protected by truce so long as they conduct themselves neither as combatants nor as spies, and come no closer to Gorowyn than the hills to the northeast of Gorowyn’s northern entrance.


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