Diary of Butrus

Diary of Butrus
This diary contains a daily accounting of the Animists’ life. The last new entries may be of relevance to your investigation.

Day 142:
Although thoroughly insane, I was able to make a deal with Exarch Mordek in exchange for the real location of the paw. Apparently his congregation will do anything to release them from their addictive dependence to the necro-malignant bile they themselves created. Turns out one should never attempt to alter a curse as powerful as the one wrapped about that place.

Day 150:
They’ve bought it! The fools actually believed I had created a cure for their addictions. By the time they discover the solution is nothing more then a mere snake-oil elixir purchased from a two-bit alchemist I’ll already be in possession of the artifact! The location of the paw is said to be hidden in a place where no one would think to search. The sepulcher near Windstalker village has long remained untouched out of respect for the dead buried there. If Mordek is true to his word that sepulcher contains much more then a few rotten corpses.

Day 162:
Another thwarted attempt on my life! How is it they can continue to find me? Who are these people that they’ve sent? Mercenaries? Assassins? I’ve almost reached the Ulteran Spire. Once I reach the research hall I can make my preparations for my journey to Antonica.


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