Creepy Creatures Catalog

There are many unusual creatures throughout Norrath, some more peculiar than others.
I shall attempt to describe the most particularly creepy creatures that I have encountered in my travels.

Spiders. The venom of the false widow spider is highly toxic…to plants. While the creature appears fearsome and is indeed often mistaken for its more deadly cousin, the false widow spider is not lethal to mortals. At least, not by venomous bite. The blue widow spider is, however, another story.

Skeletons. Though often seen throughout the lands, some skeletons are rarer than others. There is a small skeletal brat, so-named for its habit of taunting the living.

One can occassionally find, usually near water, bloated skeletons. These are very rare as it is often impossible to determine what makes a skeleton bloated.

Zombies. Flesh dripping from their maggot-pierced skin, the mucus zombies can be identified by their nasty, hacking cough.

There are also the exceptionally rare spongiform zombies. They are often mistaken for fungi, though one makes that mistake but once.


Who can possibly forget an invasion of ghast beetles? Swarms of these small obnoxious creatures have been reported in wooded areas, where they blind their prey by flying directly into their faces. Digusting! and certainly…creepy.


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