Consequences of Thralldom

The Journal of Kalidan Il’Finik, Master Conjuror
Day 3

Being somewhat of an expert in conjuring manifestations of creatures both magic and mundane, the new focus of my studies should surprise no one.
Menial tasks such as cleaning, cooking, and laboring are things I hardly have time to burden myself with. Instead I have taken it upon myself to summon a multitude of planar creatures whom I will subjugate, train, and ultimately command to do my bidding.
To accomplish this task I have brought on board a noted diviner named Sachin Al’Faz who claims to be the foremost authority on planar positioning and triangulation. In spite of his pompous nature I have agreed to make him a partner in this experiment. His knowledge will help me ascertain exactly where I must focus my search.

Day 17

That fooI, Sachin, is attempting to renege on his promise! He claims that he cannot continue our work together because he must instead go to work for that blunderhead, El’Arad. Nonsensical poppycock, if you ask me! El’Arad has already assembled an entire army of sages, researches, analysts and laborers to assist him at the Grand Farisian Nexus.
Why can?t Sachin see that our work takes precedence? Should he still refuse to complete the equations we begin tomorrow morning, I fear drastic measures will have to be taken. The gangrene of misguided loyalty should not be allowed to rot the fruits of my work!Day 19

Harsh words turned to blows this morning, at least in the manner seen fit for two mages. At daybreak I arose to find Sachin clearing his work table and packing the last of his equipment. When I confronted him about the unfinished equations, he demurred on his obligations to me and muttered something about bringing glory to the “singular greatest Erudian cause.” Sheer nonsense if you ask me. In the end, Mr. Al’Faz had to be fettered by magical means. Though I did not take pleasure in confining him against his will, he left me no choice but to trap him until he finished his work Finally, after what seemed like hours, the equations were complete.

It was my decision to draw upon creatures from the Plane of Dreams. I expect to summon a sylph-like creature or perhaps a gentle beast of burden. As I have stated before, the summoned being must only be fit to perform chores around my laboratory and domicile. Defense is, and will always be, placed iii the hands of my Tellurian servant. Who better a soldier than a mindlessly loyal pile of rocks?

Day 22

That bastard will pay for what he has done! In his bitterness the fool must have intentionally changed the variable coordinates used in the equation. Upon the completion of the spell I opened my eyes and saw not golden sylphs or benevolent beasts, but foul-smelling wicked beasts that can best be described as bipedal goats!For what it is worth, the fiends did appear to be granted with some merit of intelligence. Despite their thick dialect, I was able to decipher their native tongue as being Thulian. They claimed to be servants of Terris-Thule, demi-goddess of the Plane of Nightmares.

The goatmen, or Gruengach as they call themselves, were quickly growing agitated. They demanded to be returned to where they came from so they could continue their work for their dark mistress. When I inquired as to where that place was, the Gruengach seemed at a loss for words.

Day 23

As best as I could tell the Gruengach serve as servants to Terris-Thule despite not actually residing within the Plane of Nightmares. Their work, it appears, is done between the Planes. When I began to explain the complexities in deciphering the specific point o their origin they grew angry and violent.

No sooner had their leader raised his mottled claw in anger, that my Tellurian defender intervened by smashing him in the chest. A wretched cacophony of braying resulted when the rest of the Gruengach realized what had just occurred. Not wasting another moment, I mesmerized the whole lot and placed them in a submissive trance.

Day 58

It has been several weeks since my subjugation of the band of Gruengach. Although unfit for some of the more delicate tasks I had envisioned my summoned help to assist me with, the brutish strength and willpower of their kind makes them analmost inexhaustible source of labor. Having more or less mastered the act of incarcerating the goatmen, I have since taken it upon myself to summon more of them, thus creating a veritable army of Gruengach all under my absolute command!
Day 92

Today I was greeted by none other than El’Arad himself! As he entered the courtyard to my grounds I could see his eyes widen in disbelief at the sight of my burgeoning workforce. I explained to him the manner in which I had summoned the Gruengach and the way in which I had incarcerated them into thralldom. For once in his life the old man seemed impressed with the efforts of someone beside himself.

Day 106

El’Arad returned to my home today with a most lucrative proposition. He expressed interest in purchasing several Gruengach to serve as his own servants and guards. Apparently the old man is close to completing the Farisian Nexus and wishes to protect his work with an added amount of security. I was more than happy to oblige. As a token of appreciation I was invited to join him during the inaugural activation of the Farisian Nexus. I leave for Quel’ule tomorrow.Day 146

A calamity of monumental proportions has occurred. This entry must be short as I am recording this on borrowed time. The activation of the Nexus did not go as planned. An explosion has occurred unlike any I have witnessed previously. Something that could be best described as a mighty blast of lightning-like power dispersed out from the hub of the Nexus. Many were killed as the town of Quel’ule was torn asunder. Outside the sky had changed and I am unable to find the sun or the stars in the sky. To make matters worse the archaic dominance I once held over the Gruengach has been losI My attempts to subjugate them once more have proved to be unsuccessful.

Day 147

I am writing what rn4i well be my final living thoughts. The barricade is beginning to collapse and I fear my Tellurian champion will not be able to hold them off forever. The goatmen have not forgotten who placed them in unwilling servitude and they seem hell-bent on taking their revenge. I fear I…

There are no additional journal entries.


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