Collected Writings of a Mysterious Erudite

The Mysterious Benefactor

A Collection of Translated Notes
Compiled by:
Sulian Veers

If you are reading this tome, then you are no doubt interested in the hidden history of our world. The writings within were gathered and translated by the adventurers of Norrath, who discovered them on their various journeys through our world. They were brought to me not too long ago, as I was doing some studies of the discoveries made since Odus was found once again.

We may never know who this brave erudite was that sacrificed his freedom, and possibly his life, to bring us this information. It is for that reason, if for no other, that this information cannot be lost once again.

Sulian Veers, sage of South Qeynos.

Collected Notes, vol 1
Author Unknown

It is with much rejoicing that I have discovered writings and notes lost since before the Shattering. I believe these to be of immense importance not only to learning more about the past of Norrath, but also may hold the key to discovering more about the fate of my ancestral home, the continent of Odus.

However, I believe I have also uncovered a deeper mystery, one with potentially grim implications. It seems that some of our assumptions of the fate of Odus, and of the Erudites themselves, may be shrouded within a veil of deception. I cannot be sure, but it seems that there is much to be learned here.

Although I was able to deceive the Quellithulians of The Vault of El’Arad, I believe that my very life could be in jeopardy. Thus, I must do as I can to retain my anonymity. This tome that I am sending should be copied and given to the populace of Norrath, but not widely so. If the Quellithulians discover that this information is getting out, then they may close their doors and none will learn of these important facts.

I will send you the other volumes as I can decipher them. I have discovered another possible volume near the front of the Vault, and will attempt to glean what I can from it. Should I be discovered, I will hide my notes within the tome, but will suspend it within a temporal bubble.

In order to reveal the notes, you will need a piece of mineral that can disrupt spatial relativity. I believe that such a mineral exists no Norrath in small quantities, and my have been experimented on by none other than Varsoon himself as he researched an item of power known as the Glowing Black Stone. Seek out this item, and it should allow you to break my spell.

I will contact you again once i have more for you, although I cannot be sure when that might be. Until then, be wary, as those who wish this information hidden might be all around you.

Sincerely, An Esteemed Colleague

Collected Notes, vol 2
Author Unknown

I have managed to translate the second set of the researcher’s notes I found within the Vaults. After reading trough this very interesting account of what was very likely a turning point in the history of my people, I am compelled to search for another set of these notes, and see if there is more to this story.

As before, I feel that getting this information out to the people of Norrath is important for many reasons, not the least of which would be to discover the truth of what became of the Erudite’s Lost ancestral home. As much as I would like to deliver this information personally, I have already fallen under scrutiny and I fear that leaving here at this time might prove to be a fatal mistake. Thus I have been forced to put the translated tom within a stasis pocket – a teleportation tear, for lack of a better term, that should be able to be accessed by anyone with the key.

I have broken the key up into four parts, so that hopefully my hosts here in the Vault will not be able to easily unlock the tear and recover the book. However, the pieces must be recovered before the key will function. Since I am unable to leave, I have sent these four pieces to four teleport locations, the largest of which was sent to the largest of the spires. There, they should lie dormant, until the largest piece is brought near – they will react to this center piece by glowing, allowing the holder of the center part of the key to identify the smaller parts.

The tear itself might be more difficult to locate, but I believe I was able to anchor it to a specific object’s resonation frequency. I believe this to be a crystal or stone of some kind, but the actual location is a mystery. The only clue I can offer is this: whatever this object is, I was able to scry its frequency with relative ease, because the resonation signature was so massive. This leads me to believe that it might have been a piece of something far larger, and either broke off or fell off at some point not too long ago, perhaps during an impact. Find this larger object, and the smaller one should be found nearby.

Find the anchor and touch the key to it. The breach should open, allowing the book to be retrieved from inside. I will continue my search from here, and should I locate the other set of notes, I will find a way to allow the world of Norrath to see them.

The truth will soon be known. Until then, peace be with you.

Sincerely, An Esteemed Colleague

Collected Notes, vol. 3
Author Unknown

Esteemed scholars,

I apologize for my long absence.
Unfortunately, I was discovered translating the third set of researchers notes, and have been imprisoned for some time. I cannot be certain of my fate, although what happens to me now is of little consequence, for the information I have is invaluable. It details a troubling event involving not only in the history of the Erudites, but possibly all of Norrath.

When the guards caught me, I was able to hide away the pieces of the journal I had copied. I knew that I was under suspicion, and I copied all of the notes I found onto individual pieces of parchment. During my imprisonment, I have been able to translate the documents where there has been ample light, and minimal supervision. Thus, I give you now the last piece of the researcher’s notes. I feel there may be even more beyond this set, but I fear I am no longer free to locate them. Consider this as the last.

As I translate each page, I was able to send the parchment through a teleportation pocket, as I have done before. However, I have been kept in a weakened state, and can no longer fully complete the rituals necessary for transference. Therefore, I believe the pages are stuck in the final stages of materialization, and might not have emerged in the physical plane. I suspect these partially materialized pages may appear as something akin to a small storm, a cloud of dark energy. I attempted to place them close to the highest concentration of the populace of Norrath; search near the larger cities to find them.

The pages will appear blank. I wrote them with a special ink that prevents the script from being seen, even when held against the light. You will need to create a special was in order to make the script appear to your eyes.

First, you must obtain an ink made with enchanted water – as you know, this is not hard to come by. This ink you should be able to find within any of the libraries of Norrath, contained in a simple vial.

The ink itself, however is not enough. You must create a wash by combining the ink with volcanic ash. The chemical properties of the ash will change the enchanted ink into the necessary wash, and allow the pages to reveal their words. You can find the ash near any volcano, be it active or burned out.

Once, you have collected the twelve pages, and have the ink and ash in hand, purchase a leatherback tome cover from the sages – this will help to preserve the fragile parchment, and keep it safe for all to see. Combine these items in the tome cover, and you will have completed the notes. I believe this is the last you will hear from me. I am grateful that these notes now have seen the light of Norrath, and I hope they provide valuable information to the scholars and adventurers of our world. Farewell, my friends. May knowledge be our savior in the times ahead.


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