Clockwork Chirurgeon User Manual

Clockwork Chirurgeon User Manual
A guide on how to safely operate and reliably maintain your Clockwork Chirurgeon (Model No. 4898).

List of Features and Functions
Your Clockwork Chirurgeon comes pre-installed with a dizzying array of useful functions and protocols for usage on biological and mechanical subjects.
– Egol Vital Accelerator (EVA)
– Thanatopticon
– Antiseptic Aerator
– Bioamputation Assistant
– Mechanamagical Disassembler (for use against mechanical subjects ONLY!)
– Electromagic Discharger (for use against mechanical subjects ONLY!)

How To Clean and Maintain Your Clockwork Chirurgeon


Always use scalding hot water and a hypurgation cleaning solvent. Sterilization is key when working with organic lifeforms!


Oil the gears, joints and other moving parts before and after using your Clockwork Chirurgeon to ensure proper motion and steadiness. Failure to do so may result in horrible disfigurement or other bodily harm.

Warranty Information

For replacement parts or other maintenance devices, please visit our store in Ak’Anon, Mechanamagical Ward, District B.

We hope you enjoy your Clockwork Chirurgeon (Model No. 4898)!


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