Captain’s Logbook – The Tidebreaker

Day 14
Another clear day. It’s been a couple of weeks since we left the Butcherblock docks, and overall, this trip has been very smooth. Mr. Till says that one of the barrels of provisions seems to have spoiled, though, so we tossed it overboard. Hopefully that will be the last of our troubles.
Day 16
It’s calm again today. Too calm – there’s barely enough wind to push the ship forward. What should have been a 20 day journal is looking it it will be far longer than that. Compounding our problem is that more of our provisions have turned up to be spoiled. We’ve barely enough for the crew now, and that’s only if we don’t encounter any more trouble.

Day 18
We are almost out of food, and more importantly, fresh water. We can’t make it to port now on what we have without losing crew members to thirst. We’re going to have to find somewhere to restock our supplies, at least enough to get back.
Ah, good news – one of the lads was able to see some smoke on the horizon. It looks like we have someplace to go.
Day 19
We came upon an island which appears to be inhabited by a tribe of goblins. They attacked us nearly as soon as we made landfall, but we were able to deal with them easily. We found some fruits on the shoreline, but still need some fresh water. The good news is that with fruit and the presence of the goblins, there is certainly some to be found.

Day 20
We found water, but the goblins attacked us again. They changed their tactics this time, and assaulted us with nets instead of spears. Although we drove them back, they dragged off two of the crew members with them. It’s too dark to follow tonight, but we are going to find them at first light.
Day 21
It was horrifying.
We tracked the goblins, and found where they were. It took most of the day, and we arrived at their camp at sunset. They had tied the crewmembers to stakes on the shore, and were chanting, yelling, and playing strange drums. We didn’t want to wait for whatever ritual they were planning to subject our mates to, so we sprung into action. They goblins were caught off guard, and tried to mount a defense… all except the goblins playing the drums.

We were puzzled, but were overpowering our foes. Just when it seemed that were on the verge of victory, the water just off shore began to roil.
The goblins raised their voices in a cheer, and chanted in unison. We were dumbstruck – all any of us could do was watch the events unfold before us. Suddenly, the water began to part, and a gigantic creature began to make its way out of the sea. I have never seen anything so huge – a massive reptilian creature, larger than any ship, marched its way to the shore. We turned to run, but the beast was fast. Although many of us escaped, some were trampled under the feet of the creature.
Be warned – if you are traveling within the Ocean of Tears, this creature lurks in the depths.


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