Ardathium, Volume VI

Years would pass and Grenic would see the prosperity of his city rise up from the ashes of its former turmoil. His remorse and shame would lift their scars from his soul and his thoughts would change to that of humble acceptance. Grenic revered what he had done as a necessity, for if he had not given into a tactic that would otherwise be dishonorable, all that he saw before him – the peace and happiness of his people, the people of Marr – would have fallen to damnation and ruin.
The next several decades would bring prosperity and peace to the people of Ardathium. Grenic would produce a son and daughter, Erolysia and Mitharius, twin children who would be named after the patron deity and his respected sister that the fortress had been founded for. Upon Grenic’s death, Mitharius, a knighted warrior in the Che Virtuson, would ascend to Count of Ardathium. The great leader’s body would be taken to the highest tower in the city and in the great chamber of Ardathium’s Heroes, Grenic’s body would be laid to final rest beside his comrades.

Ardathium would experience nearly a century of prosperity and peace beneath the leadership of Grenic’s bloodline, though a great earthquake and the burning of the Elddar forest would leave the once-white and golden jewel of Mithaniel’s legacy upon Norrath in irreparable ruins that would, in the passing eras, be consumed by the desert sands of Ro. The memory of this great city would be lost as the ages passed and turmoil wrought the minds of the modern cultures.

I hope that these words can give resurrection to the memory of this glorious place – that the descendants of its survivors and the scholars of Marr will come forward and restore the proper glory and respect to the memory of a might, though compromised knight’s achievements and the history of Marr’s first successful mortal campaign.


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