Anton’s Bound Writings

Dear Heartbound,
I left the world of pain. The loss of you had taken all the beauty and spoilt it.

Rot and rage was all that was left. Tried I did to drown it in ogre blood and troll screams. Oh, how such things used to make you giggle! Bliss you called it.

My spirits refused to raise, as did yours.

I was dead.

Watch the body burn and billow.
Smell the roast and taste the wine.

Dance and sing before the pillow!
Let them weep – tonight we dine!

From birth to death our hearts were one. The Silver Reaper be damned!
He refused my summons. Anything, I was prepared to give to him. Everything he took from me.

Where has he hidden you? What walls are you behind? What stone is atop you?
I flew from the tower, chasing after you! Crying your name, down. Down. You did not answer.
You do not answer.


(Lines of text smeared beyond recognition)

Remember those days of sun? Running through fields and traitors always made you shine!
Age of War, and power! The army marched under the name of Rallos. Slain you were.

Here you should be!

I have not passed onto other lands. Here I stay in search.
When we are reunited all will be whole, and together we will pass on.

(Jots of erratic text smeared beyond recognition)


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