A Sojourn of Faith

A Sojourn of Faith
By Nicadiaus Quellborn

It is with much eagerness that I begin scribing this account, a tale that has taken me from my birth home of Erudin on the continent of Odus and has found me in this humble hovel within the foothills of the Butcherblock Mountains. This journey was prompted by a yearning and a compelled conscience that try as I might I could not deny.

During my maturation as a young erudite I noticed a contempt my brethren had towards other races, a feeling I did not share. In particular, I was quite intrigued with the civilized societies of Faydwer. Surely these people who were so radically different from each other but who could co-exist for so long in peace much have been blessed by the Tranquil One.

This thought was confirmed to me one sacred night when Quellious herself appeared to me in a dream and called me to this special mission. I was to be her voice and bring her to the people of Faydwer. However, I had a very difficult choice to make. I was, after all, a highly respected man within the temple and my beautiful wife, Jessa, was with child.

After weighing the decision carefully I concluded that I could not deny my feelings nor my goddess. I would leave my noble position and wrest my ever loving wife from her palatial home and make the dangerous sea journey. my commitment and my choice would come at a heavy cost.

It was on that passage that Jessa would give birth to our lovely daughter, but the Ocean of Tears is aptly named. By beloved wife soon fell gravely ill following childbirth. The gods in their mysterious ways decided to claim her before she ever laid eyes upon the land of our destination. My faith was shaken to its very core as I went through the horrible task of preserving my wife’s body for travel.

Our ship landed on the southern shores of Faydwer, blown off course by a savage storm. Heartbroken and filled with sorrow, I couldn’t bear to look into the face of anyone as I stepped off the ship. I ignored the warnings of the dwarven sailors that crewed the ship and set out into the wilds.

As I traveled the strange new countryside I swore that I could not bring hollow words to the dwarven city of Kaladim. I still needed time. I constructed a humble tomb for my beloved wife in the foothills of the Butcherblock Mountains and laid her to rest. I then built a simple hovel nearby, the very house I now make this record.

In time, it was through my daughter, Jessa, named for her precious mother, that my faith would return. She possessed every quality that I loved in her mother. She glowed with a lightness of spirit and warmth of heart that I could feel, as if she contained Ro itself. It was young Jessa that would one day urge me to offer up my prayers to Quellious once again.

I feel the time has come for me to make my long-delayed journey into the gates of Kaladim. I end this account now that I might close this chapter of my life and begin a new one. The dwarves of Faydwer will now hear of the peace of the Tranquil One and of the blessings she brings.

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