A Seeker’s Diary

Property of Genni

Seeker of Ro

Blossoming 10 – Melvar is up to something, I’m convinced of it. Old Gavel says I have an overactive imagination, but Gavel is too good tempered to mistrust anyone’s motives, particularly if they buy him ale. I’m sure he’s up to no good, despite what Gavel thinks; he’s changed his habits, and I’ve seen him with a strange expression on his face when he thinks no one’s looking. I’m going to watch him and keep notes. If I can accumulate enough evidence to prove he’s up to something, I’ll take it to the temple leaders.

Blossoming 21- He seems discontented with the temple’s leadership. Or perhaps he simply wishes to lead us himself. He does not speak directly against the leaders during public discussion, but afterwards, in one-to-one conversations in the hallways, he is fast to criticize. He seems to be gathering a clique of those who agree with him. They whisper in the corners.Oceansfull 3 – I saw him depart to the south around midday, although he thought he was unobserved. He did not return to the temple last night. When he returned today in late morning, he was carrying something. It was wrapped, so I couldn’t tell what it was, but he definitely didn’t have it when he left yesterday. He took it to his room, which is always kept locked.

Oceansfull 10 – The concealed passage behind the ornamental sideboard leads down to the chamber of the efreeti. Only the elders are supposed to enter here, as the efreeti is not to be disturbed in any way. However, fewer people know that there is a second concealed passage beyond this point Tonight I followed him down it, and saw him meet with some others. I could not hear what they were discussing, however, and the others were heavily cloaked and hooded.Oceansfull 21 – Today Blaize returned from a standard scouting mission, and reported a worrying increase in the activity of the shadowed men in the south of Lavastorm. The temple elders are concerned at the unusual disturbance. A special meeting has been called.

Scorchedsky 2 – I overheard one of his followers boasting to a friend that “soon we’ll be in control”. I tried to creep closer to hear more, but my foot scuffed on the floor and they heard the noise. I barely managed to run away before they saw me. Reading over my notes, I can’t say I’ve managed to collect any absolute proof something is wrong, but I am even more convinced.Scorchedsky 3 – I spoke to Blaize, and she agreed Melvar’s been acting strangely recently. She said she has seen a cloaked figure that might have been him in the area of the shadowed men a couple of times while she was out scouting. Since our order opposes all that these creatures of shadow stand for, this would be a serious concern if it was indeed him. She has promised to investigate.

Scorchedsky 6 – It was three days ago that I spoke to Blaize, and I haven’t seen her since the day before yesterday. A search party has been sent out to search the hills in case she was injured while scouting, but I fear that danger befell her much closer to home.Scorchedsky 7 – I have searched every corner of the temple I can access, but found no sign of Blaize. I am sure there is foul play involved. But still I have no absolute proof! I fear for my life if Melvar or his followers find out, but I need to approach the elders with my suspicions.

Scorcheclsky 8 – All is lost! I spoke to the elders and they gathered to discuss the evidence. But while we gathered in the library, the void beings attacked. Normally, the temple is sealed and warded against them, but HE must have let them in while the elders were distracted. We have barred the doors to the library, but they can’t hold long.Does he really think the shadowed men truly serve him? Is power worth such betrayal? I pray some of the others can escape while they are distracted trying to break into the library. Perhaps if they do survive, and can one day retrieve these notes, it may help explain what happened.


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