A Passenger’s Journal

The boat crashed, I’m not sure how, all I know is it did. I cannot gather my thoughts enough to figure it out. My body is sore and my mind fuzzy. I must’ve suffered a blow to the head. Things are still somewhat chaotic, at least they are to me. After I gather my sense I will begin to look for more survivors.
I have yet to find other survivors, but I also cannot find all of the boat. Who knows where other people may have washed up. Though this land is foreign to me, I get an odd feeling that I am supposed to be here. Only now have I realized that I do not recall to where I had originally planned on taking this boat. I will resume my explorations in the morning.

I found supplies and luggage, but still no survivors. I am constantly looking inland. My gut urges me away from this shipwreck, though I fear what dangers may lurk inland.

I have decided to go inland and leave the wreck behind. However, my resolve is weak. I cannot bring myself to ignore the thought that I might yet find more objects of use among the wreckage. If I go inland, I may need more supplies.

I don’t know why I didn’t just go inland. I found it today staring up at me, and suddenly became aware of a voice within my own mind. Or, became aware of my voice within someone else’s mind. It is so hard to look at, yet I cannot avert my eyes. It was the necklace that gave it away my grandmother gave me that necklace. My face, however bloated and discolored, became easier to recognize at that point Tanath, help me.

That took much longer than it ever did during our tests. I have, however, finally pushed whoever invaded my mind into submission. I would wager that it took longer than in the tests because of the trauma I most likely suffered during the boat wreck. It wasn’t until we stumbled upon his own body that he finally realized he was dead. Lucky break for me, I guess.

One of the boxes he gathered while in control of my body did contain the Essence Culler; given what happened with him I was certain it was nearby. I am still curious as to what powered it. That will have to wait, though, my search is more important right now.

Blasted bandits. They sliced my legs and left me for dead. I’d be more upset if they hadn’t sped directly into a group of gremlins. Not two hundred feet from where they left me I watched the gremlins slaughter them all. Tanath, I am sure they will send you after me. Our moment is not lost, merely delayed.


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