A Mysterious Red Tome

The edict of Di’Zok Leader Warlord Kel’Nor

It is Warlord Kel’Nor’s opinion that any aspiring military strategist needs to know the following terms.

-Adversary – Any person, animal, or party that refuses to follow Warlord Kel’Nor’s orders.

-Ballistic – A Ballistic is anything that Warlord Kel’Nor wants fired in the air at any adversary.

-Cache – A cache is a supply of items that Warlord Kel’Nor feels are necessary. Like a cache of ballistics for throwing at an adversary.

-Dazzle – A form of attacking with something like fire or spells that can blind the adversary. These are very effective when attacked to the cache Warlord Kel’Nor’s ballistics.

-Emplacement – A prepared position for attacking from or repairing any ballistics under Warlord Kel’Nor’s command.

-Fallout – Particles that can some times break off of ballistics and or pieces of a foot soldier that might have fired Warlord Kel’Nor’s weaponry incorrectly.

-General Orders – Any standing order that must be followed at all times. For instance, never get in Warlord Kel’Nor’s way.

– Hazard – A condition that can lead to the causing of injuries due to being in Warlord Kel’Nor’s way.

-Incident – What they will tell your family happened after you got in Warlord Kel’Nor’s way.

-Joint – An operation that contains activities in which two or more divisions are under Warlord Kel’Nor’s control.

-Key Terrain – Any location that Warlord Kel’Nor decides to take, that will grant him an advantage.

-Liaison – The liaison is the only person that Warlord Kel’Nor will allow to travel between his camps to make sure that everyone is following his orders.

-Manifest – A list usually carried by the liaison that can contain specifics of Warlord Kel’Nor’s ballistics.

-Neutral – An opponent of Warlord Kel’Nor’s that may not be considered directly an Adversary.

-Objective – The goal which Warlord Kel’Nor is fighting towards.

-Pace – The pace is the speed with which Warlord Kel’Nor is moving towards his objective.

-Quick Response Force – Warlord Kel’Nor’s special team that handles his special assignments.

-Raid – An operation usually run by the Quick Response Force that is a temporary seizure that may be necessary to obtain Warlord Kel’Nor’s objective.

-Sabotage – An act which the Quick Response Force is known for doing after a raid has taken place.

-Target – A target is a designated area or object that has been chosen by Warlord Kel’Nor.

-Unit – Warlord Kel’Nor commands many small units that make up a larger unit.

-Validate – Units have to be validated before they can join Warlord Kel’Nor’s command.

-Warning – Knowledge of impending danger. The sound of Warlord Kel’Nor’s foot steps will be all the warning you need to get our of his way.

-X – Marks the spot to where Warlord Kel’Nor has planned his offensive.

-Yield – A yield is what is attained from Warlord Kel’Nor’s directions. Raids are expected to have high yields.

-Zone of Action – An area decided by Warlord Kel’Nor that is sub-divided from a larger area, where an offensive action will take place.

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