A Mysterious Black Tome

The Scaled Wolf and the Blustery Day
by Naylie DelANews

A long time ago in a land not too far away a young scaled wolf went for a walk. He walked here, there, and over there. He walked high, low, and all around until he had walked as far as he had ever been. Being a scaled wolf not much scared him so he kept going.

It wasn’t until he reached the trees that he noticed that the wind had started to blow. He was a scaled wolf, no wind would stop him, and so he kept walking. He had never seen so many trees before so he kept walking.

The wind began to howl and still he kept walking. Nothing was going to scare this little scaled wolf. He walked past animals that he had never seen before. He watched strange animals fighting other animals that he knew to be friendly to him. The strange ones ignored him because he was too little. He kept walking if a little more slowly.

He walked towards a large ravine wondering what would be in such a place when the wind began to blow so strongly that his little top scales began to quake. Then a burst of wind grabbed his little top scales that acted like little sails and sent him flying. He flew through the air with such speed but his little armored body lacked any grace. Like a thrown rock that had not to worry about his landing, this little scaled wolf knew no fear even if he did curl his legs into his body.

He passed hills and ravines. Past trees and grass until he saw his home approaching him rather fast. He closed his eyes and landed with a loud thud that echoed throughout the land. When he opened his eyes and looked up he found his mother staring down at him in his little crater. Maybe he would stay home the rest of that blustery day. Tomorrow is soon enough to go walking again.


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