A Gnollish Contingency Book

Contingency Plans

In the event of failure of a mission ranked anywhere from one to seven it is your duty to return to your superior to await further instructions. If a superior can not be found then a judgment call must be maid as to whether further attempts at the mission is likely to succeed.

In the event of a failure of a mission ranked eight or higher death must come before capture. Take no changes at this point.

Locale specific instructions

Our current structure is broken up into three teams. The lieutenants leading these teams shall wait for Gilrix at the following spots when they hear of a failed mission from another team: Lieutenant of the Rotpaws – Alcove on the south eastern edge of the northern plateau that holds the sprites, Lieutenant of the Snagthooth – The rocky hill south of clearwater pond, and the lieutenant for the Gleaming Eye – The alcove that bears use just north of the Western Falls.

Regarding Our Allies

Play dumb to any interrogation on the subject of the gnomes. Giving away information on them will not save your hide, as you are dead once captured anyway. Play dumb, Speak slowly, Drool if you have to-but do not give up

what you know of their involvement of our plans.


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