A Dilapidated Journal

Arendahr Lossehelin, Flame Disciple, Keepers of the Art

… of fire and ice we were. Two very different souls who were never meant to form a union but yet could not deny the feelings we had for one another. How different things would be had we never met…

My algid lover’s touch is the only thing that calms my feverish anger and allows me to continue my lessons unhindered. To write these words simultaneously pains my heart and fills it with a great sense of nostalgia. There in the library I professed my undying passion for you, not caring about the outcome, only that you finally knew the longing in my head which I could no loner bear to hide. To my surprise, you confessed similar feelings of want.

Our romance had to remain secret, as engagements of the heart are strictly forbidden between students. So, I forged for us two rings; one infused with the essence of flame, the other frost. These contrasting dualities represented us best, I always felt.

Cor Gollor ed’Lhach: Forged from pyroclastic stone and bathed in the seething white heat of Solusek’s flame.

… Cor Per’Edhel ed’Hegel was its name. Carved from a glacier and enchanted with cryptic runes unknown to anyone but me. On her hand she wore it until the day of the attack…

… shimmering white … crushed the nearest dragoon with her claw…


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